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We can design and produce any metal detail required for your commercial roofing project in-house with our state-of-the are sheet metal fabrication equipment.

Are you worried about the current condition of your roof? Are you considering installing a new one but need to know where to turn? You’ve come to the right place! At Advanced Roofing, we understand that commercial space owners often take longer than necessary to decide to install, repair or maintain their metal roofs.
We realize that factors such as high installation and maintenance costs, the durability of materials, exposure to weather, energy efficiency, and the need for a reliable sheet metal roofing company can hold them back.

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At Advanced Roofing, we offer comprehensive mental roofing solutions specially designed to fit the needs of commercial buildings in the Florida area. Our team of certified contractors with extensive experience will guide you through inspecting your roof and selecting the ideal materials, design, and best application techniques to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting final job.

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Stay with us and discover solutions that provide a unique layer of safety and coating to your commercial building and can reduce energy costs and carbon footprint in the long run.
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Why Choose Sheet Metal Roofing?

Sheet metal roofing consists of thin, flat sheets of aluminum, steel, or other metals that we use to cover the roof surfaces of residential and commercial buildings. What makes it unique? Their durability, longevity, and weather resistance. We offer the best metal roof for Florida easy to install, in overlapping rows, with screws and sealants that prevent water from penetrating the roof.

They have become one of the most requested options by our customers over other options because of the following:

  • Lower maintenance costs: unlike traditional materials such as asphalt or wood, the metal does not require periodic repair, wasting owners’ time and money.
  • Longer useful life: due to the high resistance of the metal, owners do not have to replace the sheets frequently because they have suffered cracks or are damaged.
  • High resistance to weather conditions: sheet metal roofing is less susceptible to rain, hail, or wind, as they are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as the Florida sun or storms.
  • Greater energy efficiency: other traditional materials absorb heat, raising energy and cooling costs; metal reflects heat and helps lower electricity consumption.
  • Reduces carbon footprint: our metal sheets are recyclable at the end of their useful life and do not end up in landfills like asphalt or wood.
  • Limits fire risk: sheet metal is non-combustible and adds a layer of safety to the property.

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Our Expertise in Commercial Metal Roofing

Our commercial metal roofing contractor services highlight professionalism when homeowners contact us. We are attentive to every detail and concern to perform installation, repair, and maintenance of your sheet metal roof. Each team member has the knowledge and specialized work experience to properly handle different metals, such as aluminum, steel, zinc, etc., in addition to mastering the other techniques and tools for proper installation and maintenance.

Continuous training

We are one of the best sheet metal roofing companies because our contractors continually receive the comprehensive training and education, they need to keep honing their skills and stay current with the newest roofing techniques to quickly identify and repair cracks, leaks, or other damage.

Certified contractors

Our good reputation is that each of our contractors has the certifications and state licenses to ensure a job well done; this allows them to evaluate and decide appropriately according to the needs of each commercial property and thus recommend the type of metal, gauge, and style best suited for you.

Metal Roofing Jacksonville, Florida

Our sheet metal roofing company offers a complete range of roofing services ranging from installation, repair, and maintenance; you will have a group of experts who will find the best solution for your property and provide you with an easy, comfortable, and efficient job to prolong the life of your property.

Regulatory compliance

We are one of the metal roof companies in Florida that fully complies with building codes and zoning regulations established by local and national authorities. In addition, our contractors comply with NRCA and MCA standards for best roofing practices.

Commitment to quality and durability

We offer metal roofing Jacksonville and all of South Florida focused on quality solutions that fit the needs of commercial spaces in this area, so we employ materials and techniques that allow your roof to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds, hurricanes or torrential rains with a heavy-duty fastening and sealing of the sheets. Our commitment has earned us several awards within the communities we serve, such as CASF Craftsmanship Awards. We have also received the STAR Award for Community Service from the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association (FRSA) for our drive with local contractors.

Best Metal Roof for Florida


We focus on providing environmentally conscious products and services, so we pay special attention to the materials and manufacturing process to deliver products that improve the energy efficiency of your property. Our sheet metal roofing helps keep spaces more relaxed despite the sun in our state. Its powerful reflective capacity prevents the building from absorbing heat, especially during summer, so your electrical energy demand will be lower.

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If you want to start installing your roof, but don’t know which sheet metal roofing option is best for you, here is a brief overview of our solutions:

  1. Standing seam metal roofing: these vertical panels provide exceptional water resistance, are ideal for areas with a lot of rain, and have an elegant, modern look. They have the added value of being easy to install without structural reinforcement. However, they can be a more expensive option.
  2. Corrugated metal roofing: this is an affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-install option that saves labor costs with a classic, rustic look. In addition, they have an added value of durability of up to 50 years. However, they can be a less energy-efficient option and can be noisy when it rains or hails.
  3. Stone-coated metal roofing: these roofing sheets have a coating with traditional materials such as tile or slate but stand out for the durability and efficiency of the metal and are highly resistant to weathering, including the heaviest rains and winds.

In addition, they are lightweight and come in various colors and designs to match the aesthetics of your home.

This type of metal roofing is expensive; its repair and maintenance require specialized attention. Also, remember that stone veneers can only wear off and affect the roof’s appearance with proper care.

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Fabrication Solutions Include

  • Metal Wall Panels
  • Chimney Caps
  • Roof Screening
  • Conductor Heads
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Parapet Caps
  • Fascia / Soffit
  • Scuppers

Customer Testimonials

Best Commercial roof coating lee county company” The workers did a great job on Commercial Roof Coating in Lee County, which is why I later hired them for several jobs at my businesses. I will definitely consider Advanced Roofing for any re-roofing or new project I have in mind!

The Advanced Roofing workers carefully dismantled the entire roof without affecting any delicate areas of my yard. Without a doubt, the installation of the roof was exact and attractive. They also made sure to clean everything up very well before they left. We highly recommend this Commercial roofing contractor Lee County.

This company is incredible! I hired them to work after a windstorm, and the result was perfect. Advanced Roofing offered me excellent prices to complete all the repairs I needed, plus they cleaned up thoroughly without leaving small pieces of the product in the yard. Because of that good experience, I hired them a second time to install a new roof at another location, and I was very grateful!

The team at Advanced Roofing performed a Commercial Roof Coating in Fort Myres of my clothing business, and I was delighted. They exceeded my expectations; the roof was renovated with nice style and quality. All the workers were amiable and covered all my requests, so I was delighted with the job.

Just completed a very successful project with Advanced Roofing up in Fort Pierce Florida doing a Roof Recoat, their attention to detail and safety was outstanding. Not only was everyone I dealt with professional and courteous, they also got the job done without any complaints from the tenant. It is hard to get such a good roofing service these days. I highly recommend this company for any roofing needs that you need. A big thanks to Advanced Roofing Team!

Advanced Roofing is one of the best roofing companies in South Florida. They make every service call or project easy and always have amazing communication. We’ve used them to install new roofs and maintain our existing roofs. Their crews are friendly and always provide us with pictures and detailed notes after every site visit. As a Property Manager they take a lot of the worry away from me and respond promptly to all my leaks. Don’t think twice call Advanced Roofing!

Ryan came to do a roof inspection for potential repair and replacement for our Church. He was absolutely awesome. He knows everything there is to know about roofs, and he explained to me thoroughly what my options are. He was honest, patient, and empathetic. He sent me the inspection report with details of the roof situation and options for actions we need to take with pricing. There are so many good things to say about Ryan. We will definitely use him and his company to do our roof works. Thanks, Ryan, for coming out on such a cold day.

Working with Advanced Roofing under the City of Sunrise – Term Contract, the City of Coral Springs chose to piggyback off this contract to establish a Roof Asset Management Program. We are confident that through Advanced Roofing’s Roof Asset Management Portal, Advanced Access, we will be able to gather and manage roofing data more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

During the recent Hurricane Irma storms, the roof caps on the stairwells at Island Crowne Condominium were destroyed. Your roofer Anthony undertook the task of replacing them. His dedication to the job is to be commended as well as the fine quality of work. It was a pleasure having Advanced Roofing at Island Crowne.

I am pleased to let you know that Advanced Roofing exceeded our expectations. Sea Ranch Club joins the long list of satisfied customers and congratulates you and the entire organization for earning and deserving the reputation of the best in the businesses.


Several businesses in South Florida trusted our work, such as the Riverside Hotel, King Cole Condominium, Mercy Hospital, and many more, each one with a transparent inspection process, budget, material selection, and fast, comfortable, and safe professional execution that allowed them to continue with the healthy operation of their activities.

They have trusted us, and so can you!

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