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Government Roofing Services

With an extensive portfolio of existing Cooperative Procurement and State of Florida Term-Contracts, we can customize a package that will best suit your agency’s needs

Advanced Roofing has more than three decades of experience working with local, state, and federal government procurement agencies in Florida. We can perform work for any agency using cooperative purchasing contracts and through piggybacking off our existing term contracts. It’s our mission to work closely with your facility management team to quickly and safely perform work on your building without disrupting operations.

Whether it is emergency repairs, storm damage, complete re-roof, or preventative maintenance services, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution that will satisfy your needs. Don’t get caught with storm damage or a roofing emergency without a resolution. We can also help mitigate your emergency needs with temporary roofs and services immediately after a storm.

Cooperative Purchasing

We can also perform work for any local government agency or municipality through Equalis GroupOmnia Partners, and Sourcewell. Pricing is set through pre-determined unit cost, or RS means cost, and can reduce your project investment up to 40% versus the old Design Hard Bid, Build Delivery used by most agencies. Utilizing cooperative contracts, your agency can expedite the procurement process and streamline roofing projects for good–allowing you to concentrate on what matters most — ensuring a safe, dry, comfortable environment for your students, staff, and visitors.


Piggybacking on existing government term-contracts is a proven, efficient means for simplifying the process of structural repairs, upgrades, and maintenance to your commercial building. Advanced Roofing holds many existing term-contracts with Governmental Agencies in Florida that can allow your roofing projects to be completed faster than having to go through a lengthy procurement process. According to Florida Statute, you are allowed to piggyback on term-contracts, creating an alliance commitment, to expedite any re-roofing projects that you need to have completed.