Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Flat Roof Repairs

When you experience a sudden roof leak in your commercial flat roof, we will respond to your emergency call and fix your problem fast.

For businesses across the Sunshine State, whether Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville or elsewhere, opting for a flat roof can be a smart decision for several reasons. First of all, as the name might suggest, a flat roof takes up significantly less space than a sloped one, providing a solution for businesses working on a restricted plot.
Furthermore, a flat roof means less material – and less material means a lower cost!
However, maintaining a flat roof is still just as important as any other type. In fact, due to its shape, a flat roof can pose more challenges during inclement weather – and for businesses based in Florida, this can be a big factor.
From ongoing commercial roof maintenance to unexpected commercial roof repairs, there are a few things to consider.
To help guide you through the process of commercial flat roof repair in Florida, we have put some valuable information together.
Read on to find out how to address common flat roof issues, as well as the pros and cons of different materials and techniques.


Common Flat Roof Problems and Solutions

First of all, let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of commercial roof repairs, and what we can do to tackle these.

The first, and most common issue, is that of pooling or standing water. For a standard sloped roof, any water, hail or snow is able to run back off the roof into a drainage system. However, with a flat roof, it is very possible to see water pooling after a heavy Miami Dade or Fort Myers downpour.
Depending on the volume and duration of the rain, if you are experiencing pooling 72 hours after a downpour, this can lead to serious structural damage. The root of this issue is that your flat roof is, in fact, too flat! By making subtle adjustments to the structure, you can ensure effective drainage without increasing the profile of your roofing.

Another common issue is ‘blistering’, or ‘alligatoring’ for Florida businesses. This is essentially cracking, or slight damage caused by extreme fluctuations in temperature. For example, in Fort Lauderdale it is not uncommon to see a roasting hot afternoon followed up by sudden rain and winds, causing the roof to expand and retract rapidly.

This is why it is important to identify and address any blistering, making sure to replace the membrane underneath to provide better protection from a daily temperature cycle.
To give one more common example, we can look at the specific quality of your commercial roof maintenance. As a flat roof is so susceptible to weather-based damage, it is crucial that all flashing is completed to a high standard. If substandard work is carried out, water can collect in the wrong locations and cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly.

The solution to this one is plain – ensure you work with a certified, well-recommended specialist for commercial flat roof repair in Florida.

Different Types of Flat Roof Materials and Their Properties

When constructing a flat roof, it’s also important to consider the different materials available to you. We’ll cover some of the most common materials here.

First off is Modified Bitumen, one of the most common commercial roofing systems over recent decades. Made of asphalt and polymerized rubber or plastic, this material is also reinforced with fiberglass to form a robust and flexible waterproof covering.

Next is EPDM. A synthetic rubber with great durability, EPDM is heat and weather resistant which makes it a great contender for any commercial flat roof.

PVC is one of the more widely recognized roofing membranes for commercial applications. As a single-ply white membrane, PVC reflects heat rather than absorbing it, making it a strong choice for hot environments. However, its white color is a double-edged sword, as it will accumulate dirt and grime much easier than other materials.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is rapidly growing in popularity as a heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing system. Providing resistance to UV, ozone and chemical exposure, TPO is a great sustainable option for commercial flat roofs.

Finally, another strong choice is Spray Foam Roofing (SFR). As one of the easier materials to install and maintain, SFR roofing also benefits from unmatched flexibility of use and minimal environmental impact.
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Choosing the Right Flat Roof Material for Your Commercial Property

So, with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which is best for your commercial roofing? There are a few main factors to consider here.

First and foremost is your local climate. For businesses across Florida, this is especially pertinent due to a wide range of weather types and extremely changeable temperatures. For example, in West Palm Beach, you may consider materials with strong heat reflecting ability, such as PVC or TPO. It’s also important to note that EPDM features no UV protection, leaving you susceptible to degradation, shrinkage and stretching.

Another thing to consider is the way in which your roof will be used. For many, a flat roof is an opportunity to capitalize on the additional real estate and use the roof for foot traffic or additional storage. If opting for this option, you may want to stay clear of single-membrane materials such as PVC or EPDM as if this becomes punctured, you have no secondary membrane to provide cover.

As always, a big part of the decision will come down to budget. Whilst many of the roofing options we have listed are within a similar price range, Modified Bitumen offers great value for money and performance.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair: How to Deal with Sudden Damage

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan. If you experience sudden damage to your commercial roofing, it’s useful to know the first steps to take with commercial roof repairs.

Safety is always the priority and all efforts should be made to clear the area of personnel to ensure no injury is caused by further damages. Once the area is clear, use your best judgement to assess the situation and identify the extent of the damage.

If the damage is something as simple as a small tear or hole, temporary repairs can be made by sliding a small patch of roofing material under the damaged section and sealing it from below.

This should allow for enough time to identify and contact a professional for commercial flat roof repair in Florida.

Future incidents of damage can be minimized by ensuring you carry out regular checks of your flat roof and clearing any debris or standing water that may be present.


Every business and commercial roof is unique to its own situation. From your local climate and industry specialism to method of operation and budget, it is important to consider all of the above factors when making your decision.

If you are reading this following damage to your commercial roofing, we recommend contacting a local professional to conduct any necessary repairs. You may save some money in the short term by ‘DIY-ing’ it, but you leave yourself susceptible to even higher levels of damage in the long term.

In short, do not neglect the importance of your roofing – ensure you have regular commercial roof maintenance checks and keep your business running without interruption.

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