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Hydrologic Distribution

The Hydrologic Distribution Company is a lighting and plumbing supply company Owned and operated in Tarpon Spring, Florida. The company provides lighting and plumbing supplies and is a trusted partner for numerous small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Central Florida. Originally a small enterprise working from a single facility, Hydrologic has quickly grown into multiple locations, allowing them to provide fast, specialized service to each of their valued customers.

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) was chosen to integrate a solar array into Hydrologic’s existing 40-foot, 12,000 square-feet Structural Standing Seam Roof system that would not only provide clean energy to the distribution facility, it would also need to withstand the unpredictability of Florida’s hurricane season and not void the existing roofing systems manufacturer warranty. To accomplish these critical areas, the team utilized a Local Florida Building Code (LFBC) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 10-wind speed design when installing a highly-efficient system consisting of 460 CSUN 310W poly solar panels and Two Sungrow 60KU-M solar inverters, providing a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

To reinforce the solar array to the standing seam metal roof and not void the manufacturer’s warranty, AGT used the Unirac Solar Racking System then fitted structural stanchions throughout the roof system and into the underlying steel bar joists, followed by flashing the rack into the metal roof system for a watertight seal. The entire installation was completed during business hours, as employees and customers occupied the bustling Hydrologic high-end kitchen and bath showroom. With safety as the highest priority for both the client and ARI, many special safety measures were applied including a perimeter flag line warning system, full tie-off for loading and edge operations, daily toolbox safety talks, and unannounced safety audits from our full-time Safety Division. It’s also worth noting that our crew did their best to work diligently on reducing noise and overall operational distractions.

By leveraging our commercial roofing experience, relationships with the roofing materials manufacturer, in-house divisions, and advanced team, AGT provided a seamless installation of the 142.6kW DC rooftop solar array, which can power approximately 20 U.S. homes annually, completing the project on time, within budget, and without disruption to the building’s daily operations. Furthermore, Hydrologic was able to utilize the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) deduction of 30% of the cost of the installation from their federal taxes, as well as the federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) tax depreciation to see a favorable return on investment.

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