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Meet Our Team

Get to Know the Executive Team of Advanced Roofing

In the commercial roofing industry, it’s not only how the job’s performed; but it’s also who the people are doing it. Their skills, involvement, and professional demeanor. Hundreds of dedicated individuals make up the team at Advanced Roofing, Inc., and not only do they want your respect, but they also want you to like them. “Nice” is important to us. As is “courteous, efficient, exacting, honest, ethical, flexible, accommodating, logistical, knowledgeable.” There’s not an “it’s-not-my-job” attitude in our group. In fact, any job we perform is everyone’s responsibility. So there’s always someone available with an answer or who knows how to get something resolved. We work smart, and we work safely. We train and train more. With our team, anything and everything is humanly possible.

Founder and CEO

Rob Kornahrens

Fort Lauderdale Service Manager

Christopher Walsh

Jupiter Branch Manager

Ronney Taveras

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Clint Sockman

Statewide Quality Control Manager

Glenn Watson

Chief Financial Officer

Diane Craig

Senior Project Manager

Jessica Kornahrens

Vice President of Construction

David Baytosh

Roofing Service Branch Manager, Jacksonville

Chris Reta

Managing Partner

Kevin Kornahrens

Director of Human Resources

Jenny Rodriguez-Vargas

Tampa Branch Manager

Bill Lester

Roofing Service Branch Manager, North Florida

Francisco Guzman

Managing Partner

Michael Kornahrens

Director of Safety

Bryan Cardona

Miami-Doral Branch Manager

Julian Olarte

Branch Manager, Central & North Florida

Jason Carruth