Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings & Waterproofing

Restore your commercial roof with roof coating and waterproofing solutions from Advanced Roofing

Don’t have the extra money for a roof replacement? We may be able to restore it with roof coating and waterproofing solutions. With a flat roof coating from Advanced Roofing, you can extend the life of your commercial roof up to 10 years at half of the cost of a replacement, and save energy in the process.

With the frequent rainstorms in Florida, water intrusion can be one of the most costly types of damage that can occur to a building. Waterproofing treats a surface to prevent water from passing under hydrostatic pressure. It is commonly used to protect roofs, plaza and terrace decks, balconies, pools, planters, and fountains.

Advanced Roofing is a premier roof coating and waterproofing contractor for occupied commercial buildings in the state of buildings in Florida. Contact us today for a complimentary flat roof coating and waterproofing project estimate. 

Benefits Of Roof Coating

  • Extend Roof Service Life
  • Tax Deductible in year of Application
  • Reduced Energy Use
  • Install Without Disrupting Operations
  • 5-10-15 Year Warrant’s Available

Customer Testimonials

Advanced Roofing is a great commercial roofing company to work with!!
We’ve used advanced roofing on several projects and have always been impressed.
Ryan came to do a roof inspection for potential repair and replacement for our Church. He was absolutely awesome. He knows everything there is to know about roofs, and he explained to me thoroughly what my options are. He was honest, patient, and empathetic. He sent me the inspection report with details of the roof situation and options for actions we need to take with pricing. There are so many good things to say about Ryan. We will definitely use him and his company to do our roof works. Thanks, Ryan, for coming out on such a cold day.


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