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High-quality roofing coating and waterproofing Services!

If you are concerned about the health of your roof and are looking for the best roof coating and waterproofing options, this is the place for you. We explain everything you need to know about roofing services, what they consist of, what benefits it has for your commercial premises, how to find a reliable and qualified commercial roofing contractor, and much more to make the best decision.

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Understanding Roof Coating Services: What are they?

Why install roof coatings? For aesthetics? For necessity?

When discussing coating, we refer to covering an interior or exterior surface. Therefore, if we ask ourselves what a roof coating is, the answer is simple. It consists of applying a layer of material such as acrylic, silicone, or elastomers on the surface of your roof to protect or decorate it.

Although the most striking aspect of this method is the visual part, we should not see it only as a technique of aesthetic improvement to decorate or cover any damage or damaged area, but, in many occasions, it also provides the construction with the necessary protection, hiding or isolating areas, and this is a way to take care and maintain the structure in good condition.


Benefits of Roof Coatings

It’s an economical option!Replacing a commercial roof coating is a cost-effective alternative to a complete roof replacement without compromising the benefits of a new roof. A roof coating is applied directly to the existing roof surface, significantly reducing the labor and material costs associated with a traditional roof replacement. Got an outdoor wooden deck that you want to protect from rot over time? Or a basement with poor ventilation which often contains water? Our waterproof coatings can be used to protect a wide range of surfaces against water damage.

It extends roof longevity! – The most notable advantage of a coating system is its ability to prolong the roof’s lifespan. Typically, commercial roofs last just around 20 years. However, by correctly installing and regularly maintaining a coating system, a professional commercial roofing contractor can extend the roof’s life by up to 10-20 years.

Energy EfficiencyAn adequate coating system can reduce roof surface temperatures, creating a more comfortable environment for building occupants.

Types of Roof Coatings

Our Roof Coating Solutions

Let’s look at the three types of roof coating options most used!

Acrylic Roof Coating

This is a coating formulated with acrylic copolymers in emulsion that forms an elastic waterproof membrane when it dries. It is an option highly recommended by commercial roofing contractors for its ease of application, resistance to weathering and UV radiation, wear, and abrasion. 

Silicone Coating

This roof coating is the preferred choice for UV protection and resistance to water and excessive moisture accumulation. The silicon coating erodes much more slowly than other coatings without becoming brittle or stiff.

Elastomers Coating

This waterproofing is a protective substance manufactured from a highly flexible acrylic resin base with water-repellent properties that efficiently insulate and seal the entire surface.

Application Process

In general, the application is carried out as follows:



Roof conditions evaluation allows you to know the porosity of the roof and see damage such as cracks, leaks, or humidity.



Selection of the roof coating depends on the conditions of the roof and the needs of the property (including space, work schedules, and budget).



General cleaning of the area to be worked on protection of areas such as windows, drains, walls, and other objects.



Correction of significant damages such as cracks or leaks. 



Finally, apply the selected material, silicone, acrylic, or elastomers.


A professional and experienced commercial roofing contractor offers its clients solutions that precisely fit the needs of waterproofing, UV resistance, humidity, and particular characteristics of each roof, as well as the most prudent times to work so as not to affect the regular operation of the commercial property.

Waterproofing Contractor Services

Waterproofing helps protect the structure of your home and the items inside. If water leaks, they could eventually cause irreparable damage to the structure, resulting in very high repair costs. In addition, water leaks can cause mold and mildew to appear on ceilings and walls, which can affect the health of users and visitors.

The waterproofing process is crucial as it aims to prevent water from penetrating the property by applying a layer of waterproofing material or membrane (such as paints or sealants) on the surface to prevent water from accumulating. 

Waterproofing Techniques

A waterproofing contractor offers you several options to protect your roof, such as:

  • Seamless membranes: These are liquid, elastic, fast-drying materials that are very durable and resistant to moisture and UV rays. They are characterized by their excellent adhesion to different porous surfaces, such as concrete.
  • Protective coatings: there are many types of waterproof coatings available on the market, including paints and films (acrylic, silicone, asphalt, polyurethane, rubber). It is vital to choose a coating that is suitable for your type of roof and the weather conditions in your area.
  • Crack sealant: If there are cracks in the roof, it is essential to seal them before applying the waterproof coating.

Advantages of Choosing Advanced Roofing Inc.

Let’s look at the three advantages of choosing our company!

Expertise and Experience

ARI is a qualified roofing coating and waterproofing contractor with over 40 years of experience in commercial roof coating and waterproofing services through the most innovative and resistant options available in the market that fit the needs of properties within Florida.

Quality Materials

The durability and warranty of our work are based on strict quality parameters, from the selection of high-quality membranes, paints, laminates, and sealants, such as silicone, acrylic, and elastomers, which can ensure a unique shielding of your commercial property against water, UV rays, and improve thermal insulation, to optimize your overall environment

Custom Solutions

At Advanced Roofing Inc., we are committed to providing customized roofing options to meet the needs of each of our client’s commercial properties (time, extent, and coating). We provide dedicated support at every step of the way, from installation, replacement, and coating of your roofs to ensure that the infrastructure remains in optimal condition at all times.

Project Portfolio

We have provided our services as a roofing coating and waterproofing contractor to well-known commercial properties within the Sunshine State, one of them:

King Cole Condominium

The property has an extension of 20,675 square feet, but due to an inadequate installation of the flashing by the previous contractor, it had leaks and small cracks. To correct the faults, our team had to separate the project into two phases. The first part of the existing concrete pavers roof was removed to seal the exposed surface with asphalt primer, and then a second granular membrane of modified bitumen. For the second phase, the patio area, our team installed the Siplast Teranap waterproofing assembly.

We have also assisted in the coating and waterproofing of the roofs of the Beacon Hills Apartments, the Riverside Hotel, and The Big Easy Casino, successfully providing an additional layer of protection to their properties.

Check out our portfolio!

Roof repairing and waterproofing, two years ago:

“We had extensive damages to a roof mansard from Hurricane Irma at a commercial shopping center in Pompano Beach that required a temporary displacement of one of our tenants. We were impressed at the speed of service during their repair process. It allowed us to return our tenant to a normal working order, fast and without disrupting too much of their day-to-day.”

James Argyropoulos

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