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The Big Easy Casino

The Big Easy Casino Re-Roofing Following Hurricane Irma

The Big Easy Casino, formerly, Mardi Gras Casino, is a casino and greyhound racing facility located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, that features over more than 900 slot machines, virtual table games, poker tournaments, and nightly entertainment. The iconic venue, a tourism draw minutes from the sandy beaches north of Miami, received extensive damage from Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Its roof was entirely ripped off of the building exposing the interior casino to Mother Nature’s wrath, resulting in extensive damage.  With revenue being lost each day the casino is closed during high season, replacing the roof quickly was the goal of building management.

The casino’s original roof was replaced following Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Unfortunately, the 96,600 square-foot roof was installed out of manufacturer specifications. As Hurricane Irma tore through South Florida 12 years later, its high wind gusts pulled the entire roof off with the screws and plates remaining in the deck, causing millions in damages in addition to lost revenue.

Scope of Work

Advanced Roofing, Inc. deployed 30 of its best crewmembers lead by two Senior Project Managers, and a crane to the job site two days after the storm passed to begin replacing the roof with a 2” ISO and 60 mil Johns Manville TPO attached with Rhinobond. The crew tore off any remaining roof, performed extensive repairs, including replacing the steel decking, cleaned out debris left in the deck by the original contractors from Hurricane Wilma and refastened the deck to new codes.

In addition:

  • Tear off any remaining roof
  • Perform extensive repairs and replacement of the steel decking.
  • Clean out debris from Wilma and refasten deck to new codes.
  • Add screws to the existing steel deck per FBC (over 30,000 screws)
  • Prime and paint all remaining deck to control rust
  • Mechanically fasten 2” of PolyIso
  • Install tapered insulation at drains
  • Install new 60 mil TPO from JM, fully adhered by induction welding (Rhinobond)
  • All manufacturer details and flashings

Overcoming Challenges

With the interior of the building completely destroyed, installing the new roofing system became a challenge. The Advanced Roofing team worked closely with the building’s general contractor to coordinate the dry in and demolition of the building’s interior so that the roof sections were done in the areas they were scheduled to work next. Additionally, due to Hurricane Irma affecting many buildings in Florida, roofing materials were difficult to procure. However, ARI worked closely with Johns Manville and Gulf Eagle Supplies to expedite materials to the jobsite allowing the team to complete the roof in less than 8 weeks.


Safety was key and never compromised even with the tight project timeline. A combination of flag lines and tie-off was used for the crew, following ARI’s standard safety protocol. To ensure compliance, daily unannounced job site safety evaluations were performed by safety coordinators with the cooperation of the site foreman.

The new roof was installed quickly and under budget, leak-free with virtually no punch list, allowing Mardi Gras Casino to open its doors and operate with a roofing system that is guaranteed to perform for the next 20 years.

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