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Federal Funding for Government Upgrades

Federal Funding for Infrastructure Upgrades in Schools and Government Entities

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Grants Available for Government Entities

Your federal funds have the potential to contribute to cutting-edge school facilities and enriching student experiences, with discernible distinctions among the various types available:


American Rescue Plan Act

  • Deadline for spending: 2026
  • Infrastructure Investments, Community Development Block Grants, Clean Energy Initiatives, Local Funding and Initiatives
  • Can be used for building upgrades and infrastructure improvements
  • The disclosure of a utilization plan for these funds must be made accessible to the public within 30 days of their receipt
  • The allocated funds must be utilized within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of receipt.
The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocates $350 billion for a diverse array of infrastructure enhancement initiatives at the state, county, and municipal levels. These funds are required to be committed by December 31, 2024. Following detailed guidance from local and federal authorities, including the issuance of an Interim Final Rule by the US Treasury, it is evident that sustainability and renewable energy endeavors, such as integrating onsite or offsite solar energy systems into wastewater, stormwater, and water treatment plants, are eligible for ARPA funding. The Treasury explicitly affirms that “projects under the DWSRF and CWSRF support efforts to address climate change.”



  • Deadline for spending: 2026
  • Introduces tax credit-based opportunities as a cornerstone of its strategy.
  • Is envisioned to facilitate the transition to cleaner, higher-efficiency energy, and transportation solutions. This legislation aims to mitigate inflationary pressures by strategically investing in sustainable technologies, fostering innovation, and promoting environmentally conscious practices.
  • There are two credit options available: 1. Investment Credit: This can be utilized for upfront energy upgrades. 2. Production Credit: This can be applied to cover the anticipated costs of energy upgrades.
  • Incentives are available now.
The clean energy tax incentives outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act are crafted to support this approach, offering targeted incentives for investments in low-income communities and those historically reliant on fossil fuel jobs or adversely affected by pollution.

The Inflation Reduction Act brings modifications and extensions to the Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit, offering a credit of up to 30% for eligible investments in wind, solar, energy storage, and other renewable energy projects. In addition to the extra credit for the Investment Tax Credit concerning projects in low-income communities, the Inflation Reduction Act includes the following provisions:

  • Grants a bonus credit of up to 10 percentage points for eligible clean energy investments in energy communities.
  • Provides a bonus credit of 10 percent for qualifying clean energy production in energy communities.

How To Use Your Federal Funds

Your government funding presents an extraordinary opportunity to address the paramount needs of your school, encompassing:

  • Resolving issues with roofing, solar, and  HVAC systems and addressing deferred maintenance.
  • Establishing the most comfortable, healthy, and high-performing learning environments is achievable.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency, improving system resilience, and more.

If you are considering solar projects and are interested in utilizing ARPA funds, it’s essential to review the specific regulations and guidelines provided by relevant government authorities, and follow the next steps.


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