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King Cole Condominium

When the King Cole Condominium in Miami Beach was in need of a new roof, the Homeowner Association (HOA) hired Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) in the spring of 2018 based on its reputation, understanding of their needs, and recommended scope of work. Their 20,675-square-foot original construction roof was a four-ply tarred organic felt installed directly to the concrete deck, with aggregate surfacing.  Improper flashing details were causing leaks, necessitating the need for a new roof, but the HOA could not decide which type of roof they wanted. ARI presented them with three mockups and they ultimately selected a completely different roofing system, a coal tar pitch based on the long-term (45 years) performance of their current roof.

Scope of Work

King Cole Condominium’s original roof featured a six-foot-tall screen wall surrounding a patio, with concrete pavers embedded in the coal tar pitch flood coat within the screen wall area. There were HOA members who wanted to eliminate the screen wall and install the new roof assembly without the pavers and others who did not want to lose the pavers. However, the screen wall did not comply with current codes so ARI removed it and poured a concrete curb to separate the Siplast Teranap waterproofing area from the Durapax coal tar area. A new code-compliant glass railing was then installed on top of the concrete curb.

To install the new roofing system, the eight-member ARI team removed the roofing and pavers to expose the concrete deck; primed the deck with asphalt primer; applied a granular modified bitumen secondary membrane with a torch; and poured the new concrete curb to define the patio area. For the patio area, the team Installed Siplast Teranap waterproofing assembly; poured sloping concrete over the top of the Ternap waterproofing and installed tile; then Installed the new glass railing on top of the new concrete curb.

Working on the roof assembly in the non-patio area, ARI installed a 1.5-inch Isocyanurate in hot asphalt and a half-inch high-density fiberboard in hot asphalt. A Durapax fiberglass base was installed in hot asphalt, two plies of 15-pound tarred organic Durapax felt were installed in a coal tar pitch, and one-ply Durapax Targlass was installed in a coal tar pitch. A new flood coat of coal tar pitch and embedded aggregate was applied, and new stainless steel flashings were installed.

Overcoming Challenges

The ARI team encountered several challenges due to time and space. As the project progressed, the client expressed interest in changing the scope to include a larger area but ultimately decided to proceed with the initial project scope. This caused a delay in the project, which is scheduled to conclude in February 2019. Space also proved to be an issue when installing the new roofing system. ARI worked around this by using its in-house crane division to load all supplies for the roof.


Advanced Roofing, Inc. is excited to present King Cole Condominium’s HOA and residents with a truly unique and quality roof featuring different systems, sleek glass railings, and a beautifully-tiled plaza deck that will set it apart from others.

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