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Pines 200 Plaza

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Pines 200 Plaza

Pines 200 Plaza, in Pembroke Pines, Florida, appeared to be a standard two-story shopping center, but as is sometimes the case, there were structural problems waiting to be discovered. It had only been five years since a prior roof installation, but the building had experienced leaks during that entire time. This time, the owner spent a great deal of research time to select a new contractor; the name he selected was Advanced Roofing.

Once construction began, it was discovered that the sub-framing was substandard and required that the roof slope be re-engineered prior to the installation of the new roof. Advanced Roofing’s in-house engineering and design department put the system together and moved it through all of the necessary city code approvals.

The project specification was a Berridge Architectural Standing Seam Metal Roof system. The decision was made to ship unformed metal panels from the Texas manufacturer and form them on-site. This on-site fabrication eliminated normal damage from shipping and allowed for precise fitting as the project was completed. The manufacturer sent an inspection team following the installation and was impressed at the defect-free workmanship.

Project Management was performed by Shirad Ali and Thomas Hanzl. Victor Ortega was the job supervisor. Another job well done.

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