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Florida Property Manager Continuing Education Courses

Florida property managers and building owners, are you looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the commercial roofing, HVAC, and solar energy industries? Do you need to earn CEU credits to maintain your professional license? Look no further than Advanced Roofing’s Florida state-accredited continuing education courses. These comprehensive 1-hour presentations offer building owners, property managers, and consultants a convenient and enjoyable way to learn about the most current information in these industries.

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Property Management Education Schedule

Budgeting and Asset Management

Time: 38 minutes

CEU: 1 hour ELE or IFM

Course # 19630644

Key Takeaways: Important Florida building code changes for 2023. Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management Tips, How and When to Budget for a Re-Roofing Project and Repairs, Pricing Cheat Sheet for 2023, and Roofing Asset Management Technology to extend your service life.

Roof Coatings

Time: 55 minutes

CEU: 1 hour ELE

 Course #9630645

Key Takeaways: Don’t Have a Re-Roofing Budget in 2023? Learn What Roofs Can Qualify for Roof Coatings, Available Solutions for Commercial Roofs, Application Technologies, Tips, and Tricks for a Perfect Roof Coating Project, Pricing Cheat Sheet, and more.

HVAC & Filtering

Date: 3/02/2023

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM

CEU: 1 hour ELE or OPP

Course # 9630656

Key Takeaways:  Which filters and air conditioning systems can kill COVID, UV Lights Technology, Tips for Maintaining Indoor Air Quality, and HVAC Maintenance Tips for Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems to Ensure Optimal Performance.

Solar Energy for Business

Time: 60 minutes


Course # 9630726

Key Takeaways: Learn about the current trends in the rapidly expanding solar marketplace: Design Considerations, Integration Methods, Building Envelope Integration, Financial Incentive Analysis, and More. As interest explodes, the consideration trend in new construction development’s design and planning stages is solid. Learn how to leverage the 18 years of design-build solar experience the AGT has for your business or your owners.

Rooftop Safety

Time: 54 minutes

CEU: 1 hour ELE or ENG CEH

Course # 9630646/ License #832

Key Takeaways: Commercial Roofing Florida, with OSHA fines up over 300% in 2019-22, new safety laws and regulations for 2023, learn how to keep your employees, clients, and vendors safe on your commercial roof using Kee Safety Products, access points, rooftop openings, and unprotected edges, obstructions, and dangerous walking surfaces.

Roof Asset Management Technology: Advanced Access Tips

Time: 48 minutes

Key Takeaways: Roof Asset Management Technology is an essential tool a property manager can use to manage multiple commercial roofing assets with the click of a button. Knowing the current conditions, warranty expiration details, and when it was last worked on can help you to be proactive in budgeting for repairs and ensuring a maximum service life. Learn our best tips and tricks to enhance your experience using the Advanced Access Roof Asset Management Technology and more.

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Time: 54 minutes

CEU: 1  hour ELE

Course # 9630723

Key Takeaways:  2023 Hurricane Season predictions from NOAA, Lessons learned since 1983, How to prepare your commercial roofing system, rooftop air conditioning, and solar energy equipment for a hurricane or major storm in Florida, Hurricane Season preparedness checklists, commercial roof warranty, and insurance guides.