Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Building Owners and Property Managers

Advanced Roofing, Inc. is a long-time approved education provider and offers a comprehensive look at the commercial roofing and solar energy industries through a variety of association and CEU accredited programs.

We offer building owners, property managers, and roofing consultants a convenient and fun way to earn necessary continuing education credits through our complimentary lunch-n-learn events on roofing, HVAC, and solar energy.

See Our Webinar Schedule Below:

Commercial Roofing During COVID-19

Date: 4-16-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Can you Perform Roofing Projects During COVID-19? What is Essential Business? How to Protect Your Staff and Tenants from tradesmen, Why Commercial Roofs Fail in Florida, Preventive Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Roof Service Life, and Roofing Asset Management Technology.

Commercial HVAC: How to Filter Out COVID-19

Date: 4-17-2020
Time: 1pm-2pm

Key Takeaways: Can you perform HVAC during COVID-19? Jobsite Safety Procedures for Protecting Your Staff and Tenants, Which filters and air conditioning systems can kill COVID-19, UV Lights, Tips for Maintaining Indoor Air Quality During Quarantine, and Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips to Ensure Optimal Performance.

Roofing Coatings: 300% Less Than Re-Roofing

Date: 4-23-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Don’t Have a Re-Roofing Budget in 2020? Learn What Roofs Can Qualify for Roof Coatings, Available Solutions for Commercial Roofs, Application Technologies, Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Roof Coating Project, Pricing Cheat Sheet and more.

Commercial Re-Roofing: Do You Know When You Will Need to Replace Your Roof?

Date: 4-30-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management: Your roof can last 30 years. Do you have a plan? How and When to Budget for a Re-Roofing Project and Repairs, Commercial Roofing Pricing Cheat Sheet for 2020, and Roofing Asset Management Technology.

Fall Protection & Safety Products: How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Date: 5-7-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Learn How to Keep your Employees, Clients, and Vendors Safe on Your Roof. Learn about KEE Building Safety Products for Commercial Buildings in Florida.

Solar Energy for Businesses: What You Need to Know for 2020

Date: 5-14-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Learn About the Latest in Solar Energy Technology for Business and Commercial Properties in Florida, Available Financial Incentives, Pricing Cheat Sheet, Project Examples, and more.

Hurricane Season Preparedness: Is Your Roof Ready to Weather the Storms?

Date: 5-28-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: 2020 Hurricane Season Predictions, Lessons Learned from the Bahamas, Commercial Roof, HVAC, and Solar Preparedness Tips, Emergency Contact Information, and Hurricane Season Preparedness Checklists.

Roof Asset Management: How to Maximize Your Experience

Date: 6-4-2020
Time: 1 pm-2 pm

Key Takeaways: Learn our best tips and tricks to enhance your user experience with the Advanced Access Roofing Asset Management Portal.