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Volvo Aero Services

Volvo Aero Services is a fully operational jet engine manufacturing and office facility located in Boca Raton. The 105,400-square-foot facility required a new torched modified roof system to protect its tenants and the equipment in the building. The job required coordination with Advanced’s air conditioning and sheet metal divisions.

VAS’ roof system was required to be designed to meet Factory Mutual guidelines for insuring buildings, in addition to being in compliance with Miami-Dade codes. Additional enhancements were required to be made at the perimeter and corners of the steel deck attachment. New skylights and their frames had to be brought up to code, along with new drains. Obsolete equipment needed to be removed from the roof as well.

The roof was installed with no hindrances, and the customer was given a 20-year No Dollar Limit Warranty from the manufacturer. Project Manager Clint Sockman and Construction Manager Mark Scotford coordinated the project.

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