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Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Miami Branch

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Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Miami Branch

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is part of the central bank of the United States known as the Fed. The Fed provides cash to banks, savings, and loans, and clears millions of checks every day.

Why did the Fed choose Advanced?

Advanced Roofing was selected as the most qualified roofing contractor, with over 28 years of accomplishing the most unique and challenging projects in the South East United States. Our experience and commitment to quality enable us to bond $10 million for single projects and $70 million aggregate.

Advanced also maintains one of the highest safety standards in the industry. A full-time safety officer routinely visits and inspects the job site to ensure everything is beyond OSHA compliant. In addition to the safety officer, all of Advanced Roofing’s foremen and construction managers have received their OSHA 30-hour certifications.

The Project

From the Pre-Construction meeting to the final permit, the project utilized Advanced Roofing’s proven workflow to complete the project On-Time and On-Budget. The first portion of the project was to remove the old roofing material and prepare the area for the new roof. The original roof was 257,000 square feet of concrete slab over two inches thick which was cut into squares and removed from the site with Advanced Roofing’s 75-ton crane and all-terrain vehicles. “The project would not have gone smoothly if we did not own our own equipment,” said Senior Project Manager, Guy Campbell, when asked about what contributed to such a successful project. Another challenge was security being a constant priority. All trucks were inspected with bomb-sniffing dogs, and careful planning of logistics was needed to not interfere with building operations during the removal process and clearing of debris from the area. During the eight-month project timeline, Advanced Roofing’s crews worked around the clock whenever possible to ensure maximum efficiency with noise levels and maintain an unobtrusive work environment for the client’s employees and customers.


The Results

The end result is a new, high-efficiency white roof that will yield greater energy efficiency throughout the building. Advanced Roofing saved the customer $115,000 by being a Commercial Utility Company-approved contractor and installing a roof system that maximized their savings. Our experience, square feet installed, and relationships with manufacturers allowed us to offer an extra 10 years on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Choosing Advanced Roofing gives the Fed peace of mind that they can focus on managing money supply around the world with minimum interruptions to their operation.

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