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VA Medical Center Miami

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center is an 803 square re-roof project in busy downtown Miami. The project consisted of two phases. The first phase, “Phase A”, was 163 squares of very difficult roofs. A GCI tower crane was needed full-time for all construction processes from material loading to debris removal. The GCI tower crane required an FAA permit due to the height of the building and its surroundings. For “Phase A”, the crew, headed by Foreman Tony Jefferson, removed all existing roofing membranes and lightweight concrete to the structural concrete deck. Then, a temporary roof in cold process adhesive and new ¼”-sloped lightweight concrete and E.P.S. board was installed. After this process, a 4-ply cold process roof was installed over the new lightweight concrete. An entrance to the hospital was closed to accommodate our tower crane and 55’ trash container.

“Phase B” consisted of re-roofing 640 squares and was less substantial and widespread. The roof area and access was less difficult than “Phase A”, but required consistent coordination with the VA to ensure that all patient and hospital processes were carried out without interruption from the re-roofing procedures. The scope was similar to “Phase A”, but the existing lightweight concrete was in good condition and was able to be reused. This project had a full-time manufacturer inspector on site as a quality control hospital representative. There was extensive mobilization and coordination with all departments of the hospital including their own in-house police force. Once the roof was finished, a safety railing was installed around the perimeter areas. Also, there was new lightning protection installed on both phases by Advanced Air Systems, Advanced Roofing’s HVAC/Lightning Protection Division.

This particular job was awarded internally as the “Safest Project with the Highest Risk.” Project Manager Ricky Gunvaldsen, Construction Manager Bonnie Scotford, Foreman Tony Jefferson, and the roofing crew ensured that all safety measures were taken and followed throughout the entire project. Also, all Advanced Roofing employees on site had to have a minimum 10-hour OSHA card to be granted a security badge. Supervisors completed a 30-hour OSHA course, along with a first aid class. Safety was the number one concern to the VA Medical Center and Advanced Roofing helped guarantee this project would be secure.

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