cyril airport


Client: Cyril E. King Airport
Location: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
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Cyril E. King Airport is a public airport located four miles east of Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas and largest city in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).

Built in November 1990, the Cyril E. King Airport’s roof had run its course over the last 23 years due to extreme weather conditions on the island. With leaks disrupting daily operations throughout the airport, the management team knew it was time to replace it.

In 2013, Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) teamed with St. Croix-based general contractor J. Benton Construction Inc. to tear-off and re-roof the Cyril E. King Airport. ARI was chosen as the most qualified roofing contractor for the project due to its more than 30 years of experience in re-roofing occupied commercial buildings under extreme weather conditions. Over the course of eight months, ARI faced several unique challenges including: airport operation, security, weather and logistics that would require developing innovative solutions in order to successfully complete the 111,300 square foot re-roof project.

ARI utilized a total team approach to accomplish the project in which ARI and J. Benton Construction Project Managers and the following divisions came together to facilitate the completion of the project successfully. Divisions included: ARI Roofing Division for tear-off and roof replacement. ARI Sheet Metal Division to fabricate and install special metal details. ARI HVAC Division to furnish and install all new curbs and fans on the project. Lastly, ARI Lightning Protection Division to re-install and certify the lightning protection system.

The completed tear-off and re-roof project satisfied FM global standards and qualified for a 20 year No Dollar Limit (NDL) manufacturer’s warranty.