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TEAMWORK – Together Everyone Accomplishes More

Jan 1, 2022 | Values and Beliefs

Remember: What you do affects others and the work you don’t do, someone else must. We believe in the power of teamwork. When a team works well together as a unit, they accomplish more than individual members can do alone.

Our company’s team is more than 550 members strong.  Only 1% of all businesses in the USA achieve this size team or larger. The reason we are successful and will continue to grow is that we work better as a team than others.

As in sports, we have unique positions to fill that hopefully allow us to do what we are best at every day.  Research shows that when people enjoy their work and utilize their unique strengths, they are eight times more likely to grow.  A clear understanding of our plan, close communication, and cooperation are the glue that holds our team together.

While we all have our personal priorities and department goals, our different business units cooperate to deliver an unmatched customer experience. Establishing a clear understanding of our plan, close communication, and cooperation are the glue that holds our teams together. This is what makes us Advanced!

Here are a couple of examples of teamwork in action:


Our company beliefs and values make us a greater place to work, a better provider to our customers, and a more valuable contributor to our communities.

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