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Weathering the Storm: How a Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractor Protects Your Florida Business

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Running a business in Florida comes with significant challenges, especially protecting the physical infrastructure of the facility from the area’s unpredictable weather conditions. That’s why having a reliable commercial roofing contractor is crucial to effectively deal with the significant risks that hurricanes and torrential rains can cause.

In this article, we will analyze the relevance of reliable commercial roof repair contractors in Florida who have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges posed by Florida’s weather patterns and are extensively trained to protect facilities. Professionals must be able to provide practical solutions and ensure the longevity and resiliency of roofs through proactive maintenance and emergency repairs

The Florida Weather Challenge

In Florida, businesses must have a resilient and robust roofing system capable of withstanding extreme weather events. Some threats include hurricanes and high winds that can lift and even displace roofing materials. In addition, heavy rains can cause water seepage and affect the roof structure.

Also, during severe thunderstorms and tropical storms, strong winds often occur that can tear and dislodge roofing materials, leaving company properties exposed to water seepage and other damage. Another challenge that must be addressed is the intense exposure to the Florida sun, which, over time, weakens roofing materials, causes cracking, and accelerates premature aging.

Best Steps

The Role of a Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractor

The following are the primary responsibilities of a trusted commercial roof repair contractor Florida:

Evaluation of the existing roofing system : The contractor should conduct a thorough evaluation of the company’s current roofing system to identify signs of damage, weaknesses, or areas prone to leaks. Such an analysis is crucial in knowing the specific vulnerabilities of the roof and determining the best solution.

Based on the assessment, the contractor detects vulnerabilities in the roofing system, such as areas where water can accumulate, potential access points for wind-driven rain, or compromised areas that may cause leaks or structural damage.

Recommend appropriate solutions: Once vulnerabilities have been identified, the contractor will provide a detailed action plan that specifies needed repairs, maintenance, or even if complete roof replacement is required. All recommendations should consider Florida’s unique weather challenges.

Florida-specific weather experience: The contractor must have a thorough understanding of local weather challenges on roofing systems to design or repair roofs with materials, techniques, and features capable of effectively withstanding hurricanes, high winds, and intense sun exposure.

Essential Services Offered by Commercial Roofing Contractors

Reliable contractors offer a wide range of services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of commercial roofs. Here are some of the critical services provided by these professionals:

• Maintenance

Preventive services such as inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs are provided to ensure the optimal condition of the roof. The contractor regularly visits to assess the roof’s condition, clean up debris, look for leaks or damaged areas, and perform maintenance as needed.

• Repair

The contractor provides fast and effective repair services to address problems such as leaks, punctures, storm damage, or wear and tear. Our team of professionals has the skills and knowledge to accurately diagnose the problem and perform the repairs using high-quality materials and techniques.

• Replacement

Roofing contractors assess the roof’s condition and consider budget, building requirements, and the client’s aesthetic preferences to propose the most appropriate replacement options. Their professionals ensure the new roof is installed precisely and meets the highest quality standards.

Requesting regular roof inspections and maintenance is crucial because it allows contractors to identify potential problems in their early stages, such as signs of wear and tear, leaks, or weather damage. Some maintenance tasks that extend the roof’s life include cleaning gutters, removing debris, and sealing potential entry points.

Keeping roofs in good condition is critical to improving performance and providing reliable building protection. It also allows contractors to proactively address minor problems before they become serious, saving companies significant expenses and disruption to their work.

To ensure the durability of every job, reliable contractors use only high-quality materials and stay current with the latest advanced industry techniques for roofing material installation, the sealing process, waterproofing, and proper fastening.

Florida-Focused Expertise

An experienced Florida contractor selects suitable roofing materials to withstand the area’s hot and humid climate, high exposure to solar radiation, and the possibility of tropical storms. In addition, they install adequate insulation capable of reducing heat transfer for a comfortable indoor environment.

Another essential aspect that contractors in Florida consider is adherence to local codes and regulations because the state has specific building codes that regulate the design and installation of commercial roofs to ensure their wind resistance and other structural requirements. This requires following particular guidelines for installing materials, drainage systems, anchoring systems, and other roof-related issues.

Customer Success Stories

Re-Roofing the Historic Riverside Hotel Downtown Fort Lauderdale

The Hotel initially contracted Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) to provide HVAC services, and during their presence at the Hotel, they observed that the 43,500 square-foot roof deck needed to be replaced. They used high-quality PVC membranes and different roofing systems on the Hotel’s 13 roofs to perform the work.

ARI’s workers had to overcome logistical challenges working in a fully operational hotel, coordinating with hotel staff, and minimizing disruption to guests. To accomplish this, they implemented rigorous safety measures, and the project was completed on time, on budget, and without incident, leaving the roof of the Riverside Hotel in top condition.

The Big Easy Casino Re-Roofing Following Hurricane Irma

Roofing contractor Advanced Roofing, Inc. demonstrated its extensive experience and quick response by replacing the roof of the Big Easy Casino that was extensively damaged and wholly ripped off by Hurricane Irma. The company’s team of professionals began work on this project just two days after the storm passed so that the Casino could reopen quickly and minimize revenue losses during the peak season.

The work consisted of removing the remaining roof, extensive repairs, replacing the steel deck, and cleaning up debris left behind by the previous contractors, and then proceeded to install a new roofing system with insulation and a Johns Manville TPO membrane. This was completed in less than eight weeks, allowing the Big Easy Casino to reopen and operate with a guaranteed roof system for the next 20 years.

Ensuring Long-Term Roof Resilience

Next, we’ll share some practical tips for business owners to help keep their roofs in top condition over time.

Regular inspections

Schedule inspections at least twice a year, ideally before and after hurricane season, with a reliable commercial roof repair contractor in Florida so they can identify early on any damage, wear, and tear, or potential problems that need attention.

Quick repairs

If problems are detected during inspections or signs of damage, such as leaks or loose materials, are evident, it is crucial to address them quickly, as delaying repairs can cause additional damage and increase the risk of significant problems.

Debris removal

Hiring professionals to regularly remove debris, leaves, branches, and other materials that may accumulate on the roof is crucial to maintaining proper drainage and preventing unnecessary stresses because debris can hinder the operation of drainage systems and cause water buildup.

Troubleshoot Drainage Problems

Ensure your roof’s drainage systems are working correctly by clearing any clogged gutters, downspouts, or drains so that water flows freely from the roof. In addition, you can install additional drainage systems, such as other gutters or downspouts, to prevent water buildup.

Ongoing Collaboration with a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Establish a strong partnership with a contractor and communicate any concerns or changes to your company’s roof to them. This way, they can provide expert advice on maintenance practices specific to your roof and help you address potential problems.


Maintaining a resilient commercial roof in Florida requires implementing key measures and working with reliable roofing contractors. To do this, it is critical to have a commercial roofing contractor who can identify and address potential problems to provide long-term protection effectively.

In addition, as a business owner, you need to prioritize proactive maintenance of your roofs to address repairs effectively by performing regular inspections for damage, wear and tear, or other problems. It would help to keep your roofs clear of debris to prevent drainage and seepage problems.

Preserve the integrity of your business and avoid costly disruptions with ARI!

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