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Healthy Mind and Healthy Environment

Each day offers us the opportunity to reflect on our many blessings and successes, though from time to time, we may feel stress creeping in, especially around holidays. We might be fighting the urge to procrastinate on tasks, plan on taking extra time off and do our best in balancing our work and home to-do lists.

To help us all stay focused and practice self-care, here are a few tips on how to help maintain a Healthy Mind and Environment:

  • Determine what can wait: Prioritize your to-do list and ask for help with tasks as needed. Doing this will help set realistic expectations and goals for yourself and others.
  • Try to not take anything too personally – If a coworker has a short fuse, take a moment before reacting to recognize that they may be having a difficult time. Oftentimes we may never know what someone else might be going through. By pausing before reacting, you allow yourself the opportunity to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and respond with respect and compassion.
  • Take time to show gratitude– Showing sincere gratitude and giving thanks helps lift everyone’s spirit. People will always do more when they know they are appreciated.
  • Make time for exercise – Exercising is a natural stress reducer. Exercise increases your endorphins, which produce feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain. Taking time to exercise also helps your brain to strengthen its focus and ability to recharge. Aim for being active 30-minutes a day.
  • Protect yourself and your coworkers from illness– Prevent the spreading of germs by disinfecting your work area, washing your hands often, and covering your mouth when you cough. Taking preventative steps helps ensure a healthier environment for everyone.

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