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How safe is your roofing contractor?

Mar 23, 2018 | Blog, Latest News

Before hiring a roofing company, make sure to ask about their safety history before any work begins to avoid injury and damages to your property.

Roofers have to be extra careful while on the job to avoid injury and damages to property. Due to the intense heat in Florida mixed with tropical weather conditions and extreme building heights, roofing is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in America according to CNN. Below are a few safety indicators to consider before hiring a roofer to work on your property:

Longevity in Business

Your roof will last over 20 years, make sure your roofing contractor will still be around. We suggest using a contractor with at least 15 years of experience in the Florida Market. Established in 1983, Advanced Roofing Inc. has more than three decades of re-roofing and service experience with a history of success.

Check out your employer’s history on www.sunbiz.org.


In Florida, a roofing contractor must be licensed to work. Make sure to ask your roofer for their license number and check with sunbiz.org to ensure their license is active and in good standing. This way you know you’re working with a trusted roofing company which complies with your state’s codes. Knowing whether they are licensed and if the license is up to date, will give you legal recourse if something goes wrong with the work.

Workman’s Comp Insurance

When hiring a roofing contractor, make sure they have workman’s comp insurance for their employees. Some contractors might choose to do without, however, if an injury does occur on your property, there’s a risk that you could be held liable for the medical expenses. Protect yourself by making sure that the roofer you hire does offer workman’s compensation insurance. This can help avoid any liability to the building owner should an accident occur.

Liability Insurance

Workman’s compensation insurance covers the roofer’s employees while on your property, however, you still have to worry about damage to your physical property as a result of poor workmanship. Ask your roofer to see an insurance certificate to verify they have general liability insurance so that in the event your roof or interior property becomes damaged, you won’t be responsible for covering the costs.

Advanced Roofing Inc. is fully insured with aggregate insurance protection of 25 million. It is in the best interest of any building owner to make sure a roofing contractor carries the same amount of insurance and make sure to ask for proof. In addition to the reputation and strength of our company, your warranty is covered by not just our promise, but by our own captive insurance company, ARI Insurance, Inc. With assets of over $2,600,000, you will have insurance on your warranty to cover and pay for any warranty repairs in the unlikely event they are needed.

Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) Lower Than 1

The experience modification rating (EMR) is helpful in determining a contractor’s safety protocol. EMR represents the loss history insurance companies have paid out on workers’ compensation claims relative to the average loss data for all employers in that industry in that state. The roofing industry average is one, so a rating lower than one beats the industry average.

Advanced Roofing has one of the lowest EMRs (0.68) in the commercial roofing industry and ranks as one of the Safest Roofing Contractors in the state of Florida by Furman Insurance.

Jobsite Planning and Employee Training

Before your job begins, a trained employee will visit your roof to observe any potential hazards and create a plan to complete your project safely. A staging and setup plan will be created, showing the setup area, the material staging area and outlining how the safety equipment will be set up. This plan will indicate the areas that will be off-limits for you and your employees to avoid potentially unsafe situations during the roofing process. It will also include protection for your commercial building to help avoid unnecessary damage. A good safety set up plan will show necessary safety flags, fall protection equipment, and guardrail systems, all of which are used to ensure the safety of the team on the roof. A safe roofing contractor will provide employees with annual training and educational seminars to remind them of potential hazards and allow them to make the best decisions on the job. During construction, knowledgeable supervisors will frequently visit the job site to ensure proper safety practices are being followed to avoid OSHA violations that can ultimately delay a project.

At Advanced Roofing Inc., training begins on day one of employment. Employees complete safety training prior to working on any job site. Planning for each project begins with safety. Pre-construction meetings are conducted to focus on potential job site safety hazards and ways to mitigate those hazards prior to our crews arriving at the job location. While projects are under construction, site safety inspections are conducted unannounced on a weekly basis by the Safety Division to ensure compliance with our safety policies and those of our customers, as well as Federal/State Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Safety is the number one priority at Advanced Roofing Inc.

At Advanced Roofing Inc., our goal is to ensure a positive and productive roofing experience and a safe working environment for our installation crews and customers. We are committed to being the leader in the roofing industry when it comes to the safe completion of all projects that we work on. We have a full-time Safety Division and an established and proven safety program that promotes high morale and enables us to complete jobs on time and on budget, without safety issues.


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