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safe work procedures

Company Practices for a Safe Workplace

Coronavirus Safety Procedures

Advanced Roofing Inc. Company Practices for a Safe Workplace

Download Stop The Spread Of Germs At Work (PDF)

With the latest information coming out in relation to the coronavirus we wanted to remind you to follow current Company practices in place and make you aware of additional protocols the Company is taking to ensure the safety of our employees.

  • The Company is implementing a no handshake mandate. Please refrain from engaging in handshakes with employees, vendors, customers or guests at any Advanced facility or job site. You can reference this fun video on other methods of greeting people:
  • All non-essential business meetings should be held via video or phone conference capabilities. This includes interviews, staff meetings and any other meetings not requiring face-to-face contact.
  • If you are sick please refrain from coming to work. All managers have been informed to send any employee who comes to work showing flu-like symptoms home. It is very important we consider the sensitivity around today’s environment including our employees who are coming to work and do not want to be exposed to any cold or virus.
  • We are accommodating employees who do not feel comfortable coming into work to work from home if their positions allow for a work from home set-up. Please discuss with the manager and contact IT to get the appropriate technology set up on computers. This includes:
    • VPN to access network drives
    • Softphone set up
    • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Help stop the spread of germs by practicing sensible prevention methods. Please review the attachment for details.
  • If you believe you are showing symptoms of the coronavirus or have been directly exposed to someone diagnosed with it, the CDC is recommending you contact your state health department who can direct you to the right facility to contact for purposes of getting tested. You can contact the Florida State Health Department at +1 (866) 779-6121 or email . You can also visit the Florida Health Department’s website for additional details on the coronavirus at .

Again, should you have any questions HR is here to help. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and support of all these initiatives thus far and hope to put this situation past us as quickly as possible.