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Lightning Protection Florida

Established in 1994, Advanced Lightning Systems is a subsidiary of Advanced Roofing. We are a fully-licensed lightning protection professionals with  more than 10 years of design, installation, and service experience.

Advanced Lightning Systems’ roofing heritage enables us to deliver the most comprehensive solution and make sure your roof’s warranty and structure are intact. Our team of experienced technicians is highly trained and knowledgeable, staying up to date with the evolution of the industry.

Advanced Lightning Systems’ lightning protection, grounding, and surge protection can keep facilities, buildings, and personnel protected from the risk of lightning strikes. We offer a variety of systems and services to help with all your lightning protection needs. From a lifeguard station on the beach to a condominium or an entire office complex we have the system or systems to keep you protected.

Lightning Protection Solutions

  • Installation of a UL Master Label Lightning Protection System that complies with current nationally recognized codes. Lightning protection systems consist of air terminals (lightning rods) and associated fittings connected by heavy cables to grounding equipment, providing a path for lightning current to travel safely to ground.
  • Installation of UL listed surge arresters at your service and telephone equipment to prevent surges from entering the building(s) over power or telephone lines. Surges are diverted to ground, and both wiring and appliances are protected

Peak Lightning Season in Florida

Being in the midst of Florida’s peak lightning season is yet another reason to trust Advanced Roofing to protect your property with our lightning protection systems. According to the National Weather Service office in Melbourne, Fla., the number of annual thunderstorm days in the central Florida area are as follows:

East coast (Melbourne/Vero Beach) = 70-80
Interior (Orlando) = 80-90
West coast (Lakeland) = 90-100

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