Crane Division


Advanced Roofing Crane Division

Our Crane Division works closely with the Roofing, Air Conditioning and Solar Divisions to deliver materials to the roof without the delay of having to rely on multiple subcontractors.

No matter a building’s size, we have the proper crane for all jobs. Our fleet includes five 23.5-ton boom trucks, a 35-ton boom truck, a 65-ton and 75-ton hydro crane, and two mobile hydraulic tower cranes with tip heights of 330 feet.


Established in 1994, our Crane Division has 10 full-time operators that are NCCCO certified.

Quick Response

Scheduling is crucial in any construction company and with our Crane Division your project flows smoothly from start to finish. For example,  in the weeks following Hurricane Wilma, the biggest problems facing local roofing contractors  were materials and cranes. Advanced Roofing never broke stride, having our own Crane Division. We were on site to our existing customers within 24 hours.