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School Closures Coronavirus

School Closures Coronavirus

As anticipated, we are now seeing school closures throughout the state of Florida in response to the coronavirus. As part of our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all our employees, in conjunction with the Company’s position to try to prevent outside visitors from entering our facilities and in alignment with best practices from authorities, children will not be able to come to work while out of school as an alternative means to childcare.

Employees in positions that may allow for remote work and need to care for children home from school closures, we ask you to speak specifically with your manager on making possible arrangements.

If employees are in positions where remote work is not possible but need to be at home to care for children, employees can utilize vacation time and if none is available will go unpaid.

Counties throughout the state with school closures are offering assistance to families who need to seek alternative child care means so we encourage you to research those benefits by visiting your county-specific school board website to find information specific to your area. There is also a Bill being presented to the House of Representatives next week that, if passed, will provide additional benefits to employees who may lose income due to the coronavirus. We are closely monitoring this Bill and if passed will communicate these benefits to all employees.

This is an unprecedented event and therefore our leadership team is putting forth our best good faith efforts to minimize the impact to employees while balancing the impact to the Company. We are continuing to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus and discussing any business adjustments or important information that need to be communicated to ensure we are providing you, our employees, with as much information as possible, when necessary.

As always, should you have any questions the HR department is here to help.