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Safety is Priority #1 for Advanced Roofing Inc.

Apr 20, 2016 | Blog, Latest News

Advanced Roofing is Leading the Way in Construction Safety

At Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI), safety is our top priority. In today’s world, news travels faster than ever before due to the Internet and social media–good news and bad news. And the last thing we want is for a client to see their business’s name on a breaking news report due to an injury on a project.

Over the years, ARI has made the vital investments in safety equipment and training to comply with federal, state and local laws. Additionally, ARI has developed a full-time Safety Division to train new employees and visit job sites throughout the state of Florida to ensure safety standards are exceeded. The cost of our Safety Program is never passed down to our clients, regardless of the level of difficulty the job may present.

ARI suggests to anyone looking to have commercial roof work completed to ask for a contractor’s Experience Modification Rate, OSHA 300A history, and Injury Rates as part of their pre-qualification process. It is the responsible thing to do and gives a client the ability to see if a contractor is indeed involved in keeping their employees and job sites safe. At ARI, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the commercial roofing industry when it comes to safety. We currently hold an EMR of 0.68 (1.0 = industry average) and our injury rates are below the national average. By having a lower EMR than the industry average, we are saving on workers compensation premiums, which allow us to bid more competitively than our competitors. Furthermore, a low EMR can also prequalify our company for major projects that have stringent safety rules and policies in place.

Our Commitment to Safety Includes:

New Employee Training

All new hires must successfully complete our safety orientation. The safety orientation includes a comprehensive course on fall protection, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, fire prevention and protection, ladder safety, and what to do if you’re injured. After successfully completing the new hire orientation, employees are given personal protective equipment and a safety vest. The vest must be worn at all times during the first 90 days of employment. By identifying new employees we are able to provide them with the extra coaching and attention that is necessary to achieve safe habits. Continuous training occurs throughout the year in the form of department stand-downs, scheduled training, weekly tool-box talks, job-specific safety training (CERTA, Respirators, Confined Space, Lock-out Tag Out, etc.), Powered Industrial Trucks (Class I, IV, V, and VII), Aerial Lifts (Boom, Scissor), propane safety and many more. Our foremen and construction managers have successfully completed the 1926 OSHA 30 Hour course. Our Safety Director is an outreach trainer for the OSHA 10 & 30 Hour (OSHA 500,510,511), Powered Industrial Trucks Trainer (Class I, IV, V, and VII), Aerial Lifts trainer (Boom, Scissor), Certified CPR and First Aid Trainer, Asbestos Removal Competent Person and Certified CERTA Trainer.

Pre-Construction and Mobilizing Training

A pre-construction meeting is held for all job sites. A representative of the Safety Division is required to attend the pre-construction meeting. Prior to the meeting, a walkthrough occurs that includes the safety representative, vice president of Construction, project manager, construction manager, and foreman. During the walk, the construction process is discussed along with all foreseeable safety hazards. A fall protection plan is communicated and agreed upon. A Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is created based on the pre-construction walkthrough. The SSSP includes the fall protection plan, emergency contact numbers, nearest hospital, evacuation plan, job-specific hazards, etc. When the SSSP is approved by the safety director it is distributed to all parties involved, including the client. On the day that mobilization takes place, a safety coordinator will be present to assist with safety compliance. The safety coordinator will ensure that all hazards are identified and communicated to all affected parties. This includes the method of controlling or eliminating the hazards. Lastly, all Safety Data Sheets are communicated for the materials on site.

Safety Compliance

Our Safety Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal and state safety standards. We achieve compliance by performing daily unannounced job site safety evaluations (JSE). The JSE is conducted by the safety coordinators with the cooperation of the site foreman. As part of our commitment to safety at all levels, we also require our construction managers to complete a weekly site safety evaluation. The results of all job site safety evaluations are shared with the safety committee. When required, a site safety stand down will occur if Advanced Roofing safety standards are not being met. Policies and procedures are in place to discourage unsafe behavior that may lead to a near miss or workplace injuries.

Employee Participation

Safety meetings are held once a month with every department. Ideas for improvements are discussed along with positive feedback for safe behavior. In addition to department safety meetings, a Safety Committee meeting, that includes the President, Vice Presidents, and Division Managers is held on a bi-monthly basis. The Safety Committee discusses workplace injuries, root causes, relevant safety topics, problem-solving, lessons learned, employee feedback, employee needs, and how we can improve.

Do you have any questions about our Safety Program and how it can benefit your next project? Contact Advanced Roofing at 800-638-6869 or click here.


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