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DePuy Synthes Manufacturing Facility Roof Replacement

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DePuy Synthes Manufacturing Facility Roof Replacement

DePuy Synthes is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. They offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic and neurological products and services for joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, and sports medicine. These solutions enhance the quality of life for doctors and patients by allowing surgeons to perform complicated procedures with a high level of workmanship.

Built in the 1960s, DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was designed using a built-up coal tar pitch roof system secured to a Tectum deck. In 1998, the original roof was recovered using a cold tar pitch and gravel solution. Following the roof recover, the building started to leak around the perimeter edges of the roof. After the facilities management had battled a decade of constant roof issues, they knew it was time to replace it.

Invited to bid on the project by roofing consultant, BRI Consulting Corp., Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) was selected as the most qualified roofing contractor to perform a complete tear-off and roof replacement of the building’s 35,000 square foot, 5-decade old roof system. ARI stood out among other contractors bidding on the project due to its long history of successfully re-roofing occupied commercial buildings in South Florida’s high-velocity wind zone.

Satisfying the Customer Needs

Background: The original roof was designed in 1960 using a built-up cold tar pitch application secured to a Tectum deck and later re-covered with another cold tar pitch and gravel roof system. Due to the facility having two roofs, the client needed a solution to remove both without affecting daily operations inside as construction was to be performed directly above cleanroom areas where employees worked. Additionally, it was imperative for the client to receive FM Global approval and a manufacturer’s warranty on the new roof system.

Solution: In order to maintain the facility’s daily operations and attain FM Global approval, ARI worked on a unique solution that included removing the original roof system and recover to the Tectum Deck and securing a new 22guage steel deck over and through it, and then attached it to the top cord of the steel bar joists. Additionally, ARI removed the perimeter raised edge and installed a new FM Global pre-approved Hickman Engineered metal edge system.

Following the tear off and application of a new steel deck, ARI installed a new hybrid roofing system called the “Viridian Roof System #251185-2007.” The system consisted of 1.5 base layer ISO insulation in asphalt, ½” Securock in asphalt and fastened with #14 HD Fasteners & 3” Metal Plates. Followed by, one-ply glass base hot mopped with Bur-101 Viridian Asphalt, two-ply Viridian HK Glass with Bur-101 Viridian Asphalt, one-ply Viridian Pika Ply Hi-Tec 80 modified bitumen with Bur-101 Viridian Asphalt, and flood coated with Viridian BUR Plus 505 coal tar pitch with embedded sand-stone color river washed gravel. The sand-stone color gravel was chosen over traditional white to reduce the amount of discoloring and maintenance needed on the roof system.

In order to achieve FM Global approval a total of five negative pressure uplift tests were performed in the field, perimeter and corners: field 92psf 8ft., perimeter 122 psf, 8×8 ft., corners 169 psf. Following the satisfactory completion of the wind uplift tests, ARI was able to achieve FM Global approval and receive a 20-year Manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty.

Over the course of six months, ARI completed the tear-off and re-roof projects on time and within budget without incurring any safety issues or disruptions to the facility’s daily operations. ARI was able to provide this high level of workmanship by utilizing TQM techniques that allowed it to systematically complete this complex re-roofing project.

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