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Barbara Hawkins Elementary School

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Barbara Hawkins Elementary School

The 3 R’s at Barbara Hawkins Elementary School are reading, writing, and reroofing, and the golden rule is always safety first. Based on past performances, Miami-Dade County Public Schools knew that they could rely on Advanced Roofing’s focus on safety when they hired the company to re-roof the school that was to be in session throughout the construction. The year before, Advanced Roofing reroofed Ojus Elementary School for the school system and earned straight A’s for the job.

Project Manager Shirad Ali said reroofing an elementary school while it’s occupied, especially with multi-disciplines, involves strict adherence to safety, good coordination, and continuous communication with the many professionals involved i.e. sub-contractors, architects, and engineers. “You have to have safety procedures in place. It’s what Advanced Roofing is good at,” he said. Safety lines were erected around the perimeter of the one-story building to make sure nothing fell off. Safety workers were assigned to monitor roofers’ positions as they worked close to the building’s edges, and on the ground to stop classes from going in and out of the building during critical times. Hot asphalt work was restricted to weekends when the students and staff were not there. Advanced Roofing also has a safety director who oversees safety on job sites continuously.

The scope of the 50,000 square foot project included a complete tear off of the roof’s existing substrate, install a temporary roof, install new tapered, light-weight concrete over the existing structural, concrete deck, and then torch applying a Soprema-modified, Bitumen roof system over the lightweight, concrete deck. The new lightweight concrete deck was designed with a 1/4″ per foot slope in order to comply with new building codes requiring positive drainage.

In addition to the reroof, the entire chilled water system, which was located on the surface of the existing roof of the 45-year-old school, was replaced with a completely new design that required the new 6″ diameter pipes to be placed on steel stands 18 inches above the new roof surface. This process was very intensive because it required well-calculated coordination to perform the switchover from the old to the new without cutting off service to the school. Advanced Roofing used its stick cranes to place six new 27,000-pound air conditioning units on the roof.

Advanced Roofing was able to complete the project within three months with the assistance of Project Manager Shirad Ali, Construction Manager Mike Stephens, and Site Foreman Tony Jefferson, who was responsible for planning the work and crews on a daily basis. Now Barbara Hawkins Elementary School, “The Home of the Hornets,” has a new roof and a new air conditioning and chiller system that will last many more years.

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