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Carlisle SynTec Systems Honors Advanced Roofing Wins 2017 Perfection Award

Oct 24, 2017 | Awards

Advanced Roofing was Honored with a 2017 Carlisle SynTec Systems Perfection Award

Carlisle SynTec Systems Honored Advanced Roofing with 2017 Perfection Award and a spot on their 2017 Perfection Council.

Carlisle SynTec Systems is a leading manufacturer of single-ply roofing materials. Each year, Carlisle presents the Perfection Award to a small percentage of its tops contractors. The winners are selected based on their “exceptional installation quality and excellent warranty claim performance”. In addition to winning this noteworthy award, Advanced Roofing was named a member of Carlisle’s 2017 Perfection Council. These members are selected based off of their “history of flawless roof installations and outstanding warranty claim performance”. Advanced Roofing is one of only 38 contractors in North America to have had been offered an invitation to join the Perfection Council.

As a Council member, Advanced Roofing will serve on an advisory board put in place to help Carlisle determine how to best support its contractors throughout the upcoming year. In order to qualify for Carlisle’s Perfection Council, contractors must complete a minimum amount of warranted work and a number of jobs per year. Members are then selected based on installation quality, warranty claim performance, and commitment to ongoing training. Earning a spot on this year’s council is proof of Advanced Roofing’s commitment to quality and training.

Michael Kornahrens, pictured left, was proud to accept these prestigious titles. “I could not be more proud of our staff here at Advanced Roofing. We work together as a team to get the job done on time and on a budget, while also providing the best services possible. It means a lot for a leading manufacturer, like Carlisle to recognize that.”

Advanced Roofing looks forward to continuing working hand-in-hand with Carlisle SynTec Systems & to continue providing award-winning service to all of our customers.


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