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3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Commercial Roof Inspections and Repairs in Florida

3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Roof Inspections and Repairs

3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Commercial Roof Inspections and Repairs

Learn Why Winter is the Best time for Property Managers to Perform Roof Inspections and Repairs in Florida

A commercial roof inspection is often put off until a leak occurs. However, it should be an important part of a Property Managers yearly maintenance checklist. You may wonder if there is an optimal time or best time to schedule roofing inspections and repairs? Here in Florida, our roofing experts all agree that Winter is the best time for three key reasons.

  1. Hurricane Season is Over:With less frequent rainstorms, our work crews can spend more time examining your roof to identify and fix issues correctly.
  2. Optimal Working Conditions: Cooler temperatures and clear skies can help to secure roofing materials more optimally, as well as, ensure our work crews safety from extreme heat.
  3. Prepare for upcoming Spring Rain Showers: Avoid major water damage to the interior of your building by identifying and fixing roof issues now before the heavy rain showers start in April.

Preventive Maintenance Benefits:

  • Stop leaks before they can start.
  • It can reduce repair expenses up to 50% over the life cycle of a roof system.
  • Provide documentation to satisfy your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Roof maintenance is tax-deductible.
  • Can qualify for restoration vs. replacement.

Common Areas for Inspection:

  1. Metal Flashings
  2. Gutters/ Drainage System
  3. Field Membrane
  4. Penetrations
  5. Expansion Joints

Schdule Your Winter Roof Inspection Today

As the Dry Season in Florida is here, the Winter momths are the best time to plan for annual inspections and necessary repairs on critical roofing assets to prepare for the upcoming Hurricane Season. Contact us today for a complimentary roof inspection—a $250.00 value.

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