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Roof Leak Action Steps

Aug 18, 2023 | Tips | 0 comments

Is Your Commercial Roof Leaking? Don’t Panic!

Property Managers see our roof leak action steps below to avoid a serious disaster in your building.

Due to the frequent rainstorms and high winds in Florida, most commercial roofs can develop a leak in their lifecycle. Left unresolved, a small leak can become a severe issue causing significant damage to the interior of the building envelope. Established in 1983, Advanced Roofing has repaired thousands of commercial roof leaks throughout the state of Florida and has put together an action plan property managers can use to minimalize damages when a roof leak is observed in a commercial building.

Signs of a Commercial Roof Leak

  • Water dripping/ puddles inside of the building
  •  Puddles inside of the building
  •  Stained ceiling and walls
  •  Odor/ Mold Smell

Action Steps to Consider When You Spot a Roof Leak:

  • Minimize interior damage and potential liability to your facility by removing equipment and supplies, barricading the area from people, using tarps to cover items that you cannot move, and garbage cans and buckets to catch water from a leak.
  • Clean water off the floors immediately to prevent slips and falls.
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth by using fans and blowers to dry out space.
  • Mark the leak locations inside of the building with tape or a magic marker to assist the roof technicians in quickly finding the problem areas.
  • While it’s raining look for more problem areas on the interior ceiling roof.
  • Take photos and video of the damaged areas caused by the roof leak(s)
  • Contact the roofing contractor on record who installed the original system to see if they can help fix the problem and if the cost of repairs is covered under warranty.
  • If the roof warranty status is unknown, contact the roof system manufacturer to see if the roof is under a manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer can send a representative to evaluate the roof issue and let you know if it’s covered under warranty. If covered, the manufacturer will submit a repair ticket to the original contractor who installed the roof to fix it.
  • Contact your insurance provider to see if your policy covers interior damage caused by roof leaks and the cost of repairing your roof.
  • If you are unhappy with the roofing company that installed the original system, ask the manufacturer representative to provide a list of qualified installers; or request to have Advanced Roofing perform your work. Advanced Roofing is approved by every major roofing material manufacturer to repair and install their systems.

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