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Jonathan’s Landing

Jonathan’s Landing is an upscale private community located in Jupiter, Florida. Advanced Roofing was called upon to re-roof the golf club building, the Snack Shack, and the covered bridge which led to the golf club at the community’s golf course. A new flat roofing system was installed, as well as, new tile, and copper drip edge.

One the project’s biggest challenges was that the golf club was located on a small island. The only access to the island was via a narrow bridge, which made transport of equipment and materials very difficult. Therefore, equipment and materials were placed on one side of the building and the progression of the re-roof had to be done from one side to the other.

Along with re-roofing the entire building, the roofing crew removed all but one of the skylights on the roof of the golf club. The skylights were replaced with new, beautiful cedar tongue and groove re-decking by Ronnie Gunvaldsen’s crew. This involved Ronnie’s crew custom fabricating and installing steel bracketing for the cedar beams. Also, very large chandeliers hung from the ceiling where these skylights were located, so custom scaffolding was built so the crews could work on the areas without causing damage to the chandeliers. The one skylight that was left, located in the entrance foyer, was replaced with a new 13 x 13 skylight and the curbing around the glass was rebuilt. Also, when the crews rebuilt the structure where the skylights were located, they replaced the clear story windows with new ones.

This particular job was a great success due to the efforts made by Senior Estimator/Project Manager Guy Campbell, Construction Manager Bill Scholes, and Ronnie Gunvaldsen and crew. From repairing the roof to installing custom interior work, one call to Advanced Roofing does it all.


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