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Classic Residence by Hyatt

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Classic Residence by Hyatt

The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Aventura, Florida is not only an active retirement community, but it is also a specialized assisted living facility. This five-year-old property faced a major dilemma when the original waterproofing systems failed. Due to Advanced Roofing’s experience with waterproofing systems, they were called in to install a new waterproofing system, not on the roof, but on the ground level. Advanced Roofing fixed the facility’s problem by installing a new Siplast two-ply torch waterproofing system at the terrace decks, entry driveway, and plaza deck walkways, along with the associated Parapro flashings on the walls and flower beds.

An important aspect of this community is the on-site care center that required unobstructed access for ambulatory vehicles. Advanced Roofing considered this when staging, receiving material deliveries, and performing work to ensure there was a clear route to and from the building at all times. As well as, making certain safety measures were in place for all pedestrian walkways, to make sure they had a wheelchair-accessible route and would not be able to enter a construction zone for their safety. This was very imperative due to the population of elderly and disabled adults present in the community. Also to assist with the community’s scheduling Advanced Roofing worked restricted hours to accommodate their needs. This was a challenge due to the General Contractor’s strict completion schedule that needed to be maintained, but it was achieved.

Advanced Roofing installed Siplast’s liquid resin flashing system, Parapro, which was more impenetrable than the original system. Repairs were made to all existing cracks in the structure and then the liquid resin system was applied to the vertical surfaces, which allowed it to protect the porous areas from water intrusion and complete the system barrier between the waterproofing system and the outside environment. A strong, tear-resistant polyester fleece layer was embedded into this liquid resin system to guarantee the durability of the waterproofing with an additional coat of the resin applied on the fleece. This application of the fleece took a lot of precision due to the large amount of radius areas it was being installed on, confirming there were no voids or wrinkles that water could penetrate.

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