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Advanced Roofing continues to work with many clients who suffered from last year’s hurricanes. Southern Construction Services contracted for three projects: Ocean Crest Condominiums in Jupiter, Florida, East Pointe Condominiums, and Tiara Condominiums, both located on Singer Island, Florida.

The common factor between the projects was the installation of a Koppers coal tar roof system, specially suited for South Florida’s climate.

East Pointe Condominiums was fast-tracked in under three months, with the final touches completed in February 2005. Tom Hanzl, the project manager for Advanced Roofing, coordinated with Ross Caranci from Southern Construction Services. So interior repairs could be started, they laid a temporary roof to make the building watertight. Howard J. Miller, PE, Inc, represented by Steve Young, provided the specifications for the 17,000-square-foot roof.

At 205 feet, the height of this building required one of Advanced Roofing’s GCI hydro cranes. This in-house capability sets Advanced Roofing apart from other contractors in South Florida.

The Ocean Crest Condominiums project began in December 2004 to repair extensive hurricane damage. The 65-foot tall structure required 60,000 square feet of roofing, including lightning protection and various mechanical work. The Southern Construction Services manager for this project was Trinidad Salinas.

The 195-foot Tiara Condominiums had been completely evacuated post-hurricane with more problems than a leaky roof. The Slider Engineering Group, Inc, represented by Harold Strum created the specs for this project including the rooftop air conditioning work. Special lifts were attached to the side of the building to transport materials and equipment. Scott Mollan, head of Advanced Roofing’s in-house air conditioning division mobilized special lift helicopters to move the A/C units to the rooftop. This project required coordination with other trades involving hundreds of workers to expedite completion. Jeff Nairn was the Project Manager for Southern Construction Services.

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