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Mercy Hospital

With more than three decades of experience re-roofing high-rise condominiums in high-wind zone areas like Florida and the Caribbean, Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) was recommended by roofing consultant BRI Roof Consulting Corp, and hired by Rapallo North Condominium Association in West Palm Beach, Florida in the fall of 2018 to re-roof their 16,438-square-feet roofing system which was spread over nine roof areas. This waterfront, 156-unit property built in 1973 was going through a major concrete restoration project at the time and required restoration of its aging, leaking roofing system eroded by natural deterioration and hurricane damage. ARI was selected for this project due to its reputation for re-roofing occupied commercial buildings with little to no interruptions to operations, combined with our experience as a certified Durapax Roofing System installer.

Scope of Work

Rapallo North Condo’s roofing system was comprised of nine areas, with a maximum roof height of 182 feet. Areas A, B, C, D, F, G, and H featured a Coal Tar Pitch with gravel, wood fiber, insulation, and two plies over the concrete deck. Roof Area E consisted of modified bitumen membranes and insulation over a concrete deck, while Area I had modified bitumen membranes over the concrete deck.

To restore the system, ARI’s eight-person crew dismantled the existing roofing in stages, removing no more than what could be covered in a day’s work. They then re-roofed all areas with a Durapax Coal Tar Built-Up System while working closely with the concrete restoration subcontractor to ensure both scopes of work could proceed in a timely and efficient manner. One ply of the membrane was then installed, along with insulation, tapered insulation, and cover board, and installation of five plies of membrane and flood-coated roof with gravel. ARI used the following products:

  • Durapax: Coal Tar Saturated Felt, Glass Fiber Base Sheet in Asphalt, Tarred Felt in Coal Tar Pitch (3 plies), TC Glass Fiber Felt in Coal Tar Pitch
  • Johns Manville: ENERGY 3 ISO in Asphalt, ENERGY 3 Tapered Insulation in Asphalt
  • Georgia-Pacific: High-Density Fiberboard in Asphalt


Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is Advanced Roofing’s number one priority. All crew members were safety certified, and the Safety department and construction manager routinely conducted unannounced safety inspections. Safety monitors were used on the ground at all times while the crane was in use and overhead protection was erected to protect people exiting the building to the parking lot.

The team’s major challenge was keeping residents safe in the occupied building, making communication essential. ARI’s construction manager was in constant communication with the Association and the roofing consultant on how and where residents would be required to maneuver around the crane, dumpsters, and staging areas throughout the duration of the project.


ARI specializes in re-roofing occupied commercial buildings with little to no interruptions to operations. Rapallo North Condominium Association’s contract called for the project to be completed in 90 days. Advanced Roofing completed the job in 87 days, with minimal impact on residents. During this time, the project was shut down due to weather (rain and wind) and holidays, with no negative impact on the schedule and no change orders issued. Rapallo North was a prime example of how good communication and experience can lead to a successful project. The most rewarding part of the project was to have the customer’s expectations exceeded by the quality and service provided by Advanced Roofing.

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