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JM Family Headquarters

JM Family Enterprises, Inc. (JM Family) is South Florida’s largest privately-owned company, and its subsidiary, JM Lexus, is the largest volume Lexus dealership in the world.

In 2014 JM Family Enterprises engaged Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) to design, procure and install a 150 kilowatts solar photovoltaic system at the headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida that would meet strict South Florida fire and building codes and maintain the pre-existing GAF 20-year NDL Warranted modified bitumen roofing systems.

JM Family selected AGT as the most qualified solar energy contractor for the project because of its proven track record of completing solar photovoltaic (PV) projects on time and within budget. Additionally, AGT’s commercial roofing experience, healthy balance sheet, and commitment to quality allow it to offer unmatched rooftop solar energy solutions that distinguish it from traditional solar energy contractors.

The design of a solar PV system was done hand in hand between AGT, JM Family Enterprises (JMFE), FM Global, GAF Materials Corporation, and the Deerfield Beach Building Department, and incorporates American-made products from Sunva, Advanced Energy, and Sun-Link.

In the pre-design phase, AGT discovered there was a post-tension concrete slab under the roof where the solar array was to be constructed. This discovery required our design team to revise all of the attachment details and utilize fastener and sleeve imbeds, specifically designed for use in post-tension applications.

Mechanical installation of the solar PV system took 30 days from start to finish. During construction, AGT fixed a stair tower and platform landing to the building, along with a full perimeter warning line system to ensure safety and reduce disruptions to the JMFE staff inside the 4-story building. Additionally, safety training courses were given to crew members by AGT’s full-time Safety Officer Bryan Cardona.

The completed solar array will produce up to 200,000 kWh of electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 130 metric tons annually. JMFE received a significant rebate from the local utility and a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). With the utility rebate and ITC, JMFE will see a return on their investment within 7-10 years, giving them 15 years of free, clean-burning energy. Furthermore, ARI was able to complete the projects on time, and within budget with zero safety issues or disruptions to the JMFE’s daily operations.

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