Equipment and Fleet

Equipment and Fleet

Discover what makes us advanced

Advanced Roofing Inc. is an award-winning, and nationally recognized commercial roofing company specializing in re-roofing occupied buildings in Florida and the Carribean.

We have in-house divisions of roofing, air conditioning, sheet metal, cranes, trash removal, lightning protection, and solar energy that allow us to offer unmatched commercial roofing solutions that distinguish us from traditional contractors that do not have these resources. And with our full-time safety team and expert project managers, you can rest easy knowing that your next project will be completed safely, on-time, and within budget.



Established in 1983, Advanced Roofing Inc. is a full-service commercial roofing contractor specializing in roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance services for occupied buildings in Florida and the Caribbean. Our commitment to quality ensures you the best customer experience by providing the most accurate solutions for your building’s needs using premium materials and award-winning craftsmanship.



We have invested in the most technologically advanced sheet metal production equipment in the world. This allows us to fabricate every panel, coping cap, counter flashing, gutters or any metal detail required by a job. As one of the few Roofing Contractors in the state of Florida to own and operate a plasma cutter, we utilize this instrument to make precise cuts and create specially fabricated pieces for installation without the delay of having to order from an outside manufacturer.


Our crane team works closely with our Roofing and Air Conditioning Divisions to deliver materials to a job site without the delay of having to rely on subcontractors that can delay a project. No matter a building’s size, we have the proper crane for all jobs. Our fleet includes five 23.5-ton boom trucks, a 35-ton boom truck, two 65-ton, 75-ton hydro crane, and two mobile hydraulic tower cranes with tip heights of 330 feet.


We have dumpsters in a variety of sizes and roll-off trucks available to properly remove all waste from your job site. You won’t need to worry about getting fined, or injured due to the improper dumping of materials on the part of your business.



The most important tool a building owner can have to protect their commercial roofing asset is information. As the saying goes– knowledge is power! Knowing the current condition, warranty expiration details and when it was last worked on can help you to be proactive in managing your roofing system while ensuring it has a maximum service life. In maintaining our commitment to quality, Advanced Roofing would like to introduce Advanced Access, our cloud-based roofing asset management portal that gives building owners and property managers details about all of their commercial roofs in one location. Whether in the office, at home or in the field, the information you need to manage your roof assets are always available on any internet-ready device.



Our HVAC Division works closely with the re-roofing team to repair and install rooftop mechanical equipment as it relates to the re-roofing process. We have a Class-A Air Conditioning contractors license which can allow us to provide unlimited services for residential and commercial air conditioning projects.



Our Solar Energy Division, Advanced Green Technologies, is among the most experienced in the country, completing more than 200+ Megawatts of rooftop, carport, and ground-mount solar energy solutions throughout North America.



We can provide professional lightning protection services for your commercial buildings in Florida. Our Lightning Protection Division is fully-licensed with more than ten years of design, installation, and re-certification experience.



Our Waterproofing Division was created to work simultaneously with our Roofing and Air Conditioning Divisions. This teamwork helps us identify water intrusion problems immediately and stop them before serious damages can occur to the inside of a building.