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7 Tips for Commercial Roof Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

Jul 10, 2019 | Tips

Learn the Importance of Gutter Maintenance and Repairs for Commercial Flat Roofs in Florida

Flat roofs are a familiar sight in Florida due to their cost-efficiency and durability for commercial buildings. For all their benefits, there are also some drawbacks to a flat roofing system. Top on this list is ponding water which can add excess weight to your roof that can cause it to leak or fail. This occurs when water accumulates due to inadequate sloping, little to no internal drainage, blocked gutters, downspouts, and scuppers. Floridians may not be plagued by endless leaves in the fall or snow in the winter like those in the north. However, the high winds and heavy rains can cause excess tree branches, leaves, and garbage to pile up quickly.

ponding water roof drain cloggedIf the debris is not removed regularly, extreme ponding water can occur and cause severe damage to the building infrastructure along with roof leaks, insects, mold, and fungus, compromising the safety of those inside and outside the building. Just one inch of standing water adds five pounds per square foot of live load on the roofing system. Blocked gutters and drains can also cause damage to other parts of the building. The overflow of water can make its way to sidewalks along the outside of the building, damaging the landscaping and more importantly, causing a slip and fall hazard to employees and customers. As you can see, it is critical to repair and maintenance your commercial roof drains to avoid serious issues.

The best way to avoid issues due to ponding water is with the proper drainage system that slopes toward gutters, scuppers, and internal drains. The next step is to keep them free of debris and blockage through regular maintenance and inspections.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Commercial Gutters Don’t Fail:

  1. Conduct regular inspections and cleaning of gutters, internal drains, and downspouts; especially after a significant rainstorm or wind event. Look for leaves, branches, and other debris around drains and scuppers that can prohibit water flow.
  2. Cut trees away from the roof by at least 3 feet, and trim them regularly to avoid excess leaves clogging the gutters and drainage system.
  3. Check gutters and downspouts to make sure they are securely fastened to the building, are not leaking and that water moves freely through them. Look for stains, corrosion, loose fittings, separation along the seams and any other damages. Any separations can be fixed by resealing, but rust or other corrosion will require replacement. It is recommended to make any fixes or replacements as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  4. Use hurricane straps to secure gutters and downspouts in high-wind areas.
  5. Remove any mold or mildew on the gutters by washing with a combination of 1-part bleach and 3 parts water.
  6. Check that water flows away from the building. Over time, sagging gutters can change the pitch and slow down water flow.
  7. If your drainage system is falling victim to frequent clogging, look into commercial gutter guards that act as a barricade against debris and prevents the need for continuous cleaning.

Inspect Your Commercial Roof Drains Today

With Hurricane Season here, there’s no better time than now to check your gutters and downspouts, internal drains, and scuppers for blockage and damage, especially since insurance claims for building damage are usually void if it’s the result of blocked drains. Save yourself time and money by scheduling routine roof maintenance with Advanced Roofing. In addition to ponding, ARI’s skilled roofing specialists will check for issues like missing fasteners, sagging, problems with flashings, sealants, seams and penetrations, and more. Our Preventive Roof Maintenance Program is designed to remove the stress from your hands by performing regular inspections to catch leaks or other problems before they can damage your business.  Contact us today at 800-638-6869 or click here.


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