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We Dare You To Compare!

How do other Roofing Contractors stack up to Advanced Roofing?

Compiled below is a list of important criteria for any business owner, Property Manager, or consultant to consider when selecting the right contractor for roofing projects. Advanced Roofing has a documented history of meeting and exceeding expectations in each category. Before selecting any roofing professional, research whether the prospective company satisfies these key areas of concern, or as we like to say, “Dare to Compare.”

Discover What Makes Us Advanced

Longevity in Business

Your roof will last over 20 years, so you want to make sure your roofing contractor will still be around. We suggest using a contractor with at least 15 years of experience in the Florida Market. Established in 1983, Advanced Roofing has over three decades of re-roofing and service experience with a history of success.

Check out your contractor’s history on www.sunbiz.org.

Financial Stability

Contractors go under because they do not have proper financials and safety procedures in place. Advanced Roofing is financially stable and consistently ranked among the top earning contractors in the State of Florida by Roofing Contractor Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal.

Ask for audited financials, bank references, surety information and/or check online at www.db.com.

All Under One Roof

Using multiple contractors or subcontractors for different trades like Sheet Metal and AC will lead to longer timelines and finger-pointing. Advanced Roofing has in-house divisions in HVAC, sheet metal, cranes, trash, lightning protection, and solar energy to ensure your next project is completed on time and within budget.

Ask your roofer who will be working on your roof.

Extended Warranties

Only contractors with enough experience, square feet installed, and repair ratio can offer you an additional ten years on your existing warranty. Advanced Roofing is certified by every major roofing materials manufacturer to install the highest quality products with comprehensive warranties.

Check with the manufacturer and make sure your warranty gets registered.

Permit Processing

The #1 reason for delays in projects is incorrect permitting. Choose a contractor that can show you how many permits they process in your city.

Ask your contractor how many permits they process on a monthly basis.

Full-Time Safety Division

Florida has many tall buildings and inclement weather that could cause job site accidents. Without safety protocols and proper management, an accident can stop or delay your project. Advanced Roofing has a full-time Safety Division dedicated to ensuring the safety of all job sites. With an Experience Modifier Ratio (EMR) of 0.68, Frank Furman Insurance ranks ARI among the safest contractors in the State of Florida.

Ask for your roofer’s EMR ratio.

24/7 Service

It’s 12AM in August and your roof starts to leak after a flash rain storm. What do you do? Who do you call? Advanced Roofing of course! We are available 24/7 and can be reached through the web, phones, or by clicking a button through our Advanced Access roof management portal.

Require access to your roofing contractor 24/7 in case of unexpected emergencies.

Reputation, Pride, and Integrity

Pictures can say a thousand words. Choosing a contractor that can back up their claims of quality with job pictures, both during the installation and of the final product, can help prevent surprises in quality and professionalism.

Ask your roofing contractor for pictures and references of completed projects and in-progress photos.

Roof Repairs

You have a job to do and it should not be taking care of the roof. With multiple in-house divisions, state-of-the-art technology, seven office locations, and more than 400 employees, Advanced Roofing ensures your complete protection against roof leaks.

Ask for references from customers 5-10 years past and ask how many repairs were needed after the roof installation.

Community Service

Feel great about that company that installs your roof. Advanced Roofing was founded on the principle of giving back to the community and we are actively involved with many philanthropies including the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, KIDS, Habitat for Humanity, Sonrise Mission, the Boys & Girls Club, ABC Roofing Apprenticeship Program and more.

Ask your potential roofing contractors what they do for the community, in addition to their clients.

Best Value Proposition

Know what you are getting for your money. Any roofer can install roofing membrane. However, most leaks and system failures occur in the details of your roof system causing you to need frequent repairs after installation. Roof access hatch/doors, walls, skylights, curbs, coping caps, exhaust, and HVAC stands are just a few of the details that encompass your roof system. With more than 30 years of experience re-roofing occupied commercial buildings in Florida, Advanced Roofing specializes in the details and has earned many awards for its craftsmanship and excellence in overcoming difficult challenges in low-slope roofing. Some of the awards won include first place in the low slope roofing category from the FRSA Star Awards, CASF Craftsmanship Award, GAF Master Elite Contractor, Sarnafil Project of the Year, ABC Eagle Award, and QARC Award.

Ask your contractor who will perform the details on your project. Also, if the prices are competitive, which bid is your lowest cost/ROI over the complete life cycle of your roof system?

Award Winning

Advanced Roofing, Inc. is honored to have earned many awards for our quality workmanship and commitment to serving our community.

  • 2017 FRSA STAR Awards 1st Place Low Slope National Hurricane Weather Center
  • 2017 South Florida Business Journal Top Earning Roofing Contractor
  • 2017 Roofing Contractor Magazine Top 100 Roofing Contractors
  • 2016 ARMA QARC Silver Award Devonshire at PGA National
  • 2016 FRSA STAR Awards 1st Place Sustainability Lockheed Martin Solar Carport
  • 2016 ABC East Coast Chapter Eagle Awards Stephen Booher Building 2
  • 2016 NRCA Gold Circle Project of the Year Honorable Mention NOAA
  • 2016 CNA/NRCA Community Involvement Second Place Award Sonrise Mission
  • 2016 Sarnafil Project of the Year 3rd Place NOAA
  • 2015 FRSA STAR Awards Best of the Best Project of the Year UM Frost School of Music
  • 2014 NRCA MVP Award David Baytosh