Equipment and Fleet

Advanced Roofing Roofing Equipment and Fleet

There are always advancements and technology changes in the roofing industry. Here at Advanced Roofing, Inc., we not only take pride in staying ahead of those changes, we help make them. If there are new materials to be used or new ways to do things, we’re on top of it.

Advanced Technology

Our crews are directly linked to the WSI weather satellite and the internet to give us accurate, up-to-the-minute information regarding the weather. That way, we can adjust our schedules to keep on track, while at the same time protect our clients before a storm hits.

We also offer infrared moisture survey’s. In minutes we can have a birds eye view, in detail, of any existing moisture in a roofing system. And that means we can repair it before it becomes a problem. That’s the Advanced way of doing things.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced Roofing, Inc. also has a full fleet that consists of dump trucks, cranes, boom trucks, flat beds, kettles, and more. By offering these services in-house, we’re able to provide our customers more for their money. And that’s one of our professional solutions.

Advanced is also the only company in the country with two tower cranes and a 75-ton hydraulic crane.

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