Category: Condominium

Jack Evans

During the recent Hurricane Irma storms, the roof caps on the stairwells at Island Crowne Condominium were destroyed. Your roofer Anthony undertook the task of replacing them. His dedication to the job is to be commended as well as the fine quality of work. It was a pleasure having Advanced Roofing at Island Crowne.

Jane Paolo

I am pleased to let you know that Advanced Roofing exceeded our expectations. Sea Ranch Club joins the long list of satisfied customers and congratulates you and the entire organization for earning and deserving the reputation of the best in the businesses.

Janice Levy

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Advanced Roofing for the great job and the professionalism that your company and workman displayed while at our building. I did not receive one complaint from anyone during the months that Advanced was at the building.

Josue Travieso

Surely the BEST roofers in South Florida! They installed three new roofs on our three 5 story condo right after hurricane Wilma. The roof still looks like new. I recommend their yearly maintenance program. They come once a year and touch up areas that are needed and inspect the roofs. They are very professional, on […]