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Commercial Roofing Coatings Guide Podcast

Commercial Roofing Coatings Guide Everything Property Managers and building owners need to know about roof coating systems for commercial buildings in Florida. Key Takeaways: Don’t Have a Re-Roofing Budget in 2020? Learn What Roofs Can Qualify for Roof Coatings Available Solutions for Commercial Roofs Application Technologies Tips, and Tricks for a Perfect Roof Coating Project [...]
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Government Roofing the Benefits of Piggyback Contracts & Cooperative Purchasing Podcast

The Benefits of Piggybacking & Cooperative Purchasing for Roofing Services Learn How piggybacking and cooperative purchasing can help support your roof asset management goals and speed up the delivery time. Key Takeaways: Pros, and cons of each purchasing mechanism How to use each contract type for roofing services National Cooperative Procurement vs. Local Term-Contracts Omnia, [...]
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Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management and Budgeting Tips Podcast

Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management and Budgeting Tips Your Commercial Roof Can Last for More Than 30-Years. Do You Have a Plan? Key Takeaways: Commercial Roof Life Cycle Management Commercial Roof System Types How and When to Budget for a Re-Roofing Project Commercial Roofing Pricing Cheat Sheet for 2020 Roofing Asset Management Technology. Download
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Commercial Roofing During COVID-19 Podcast

Commercial Roofing During COVID-19 Podcast Description: Can you Perform Commercial Roofing Projects During COVID-19? What is Essential Business? How to Protect Your Staff and Tenants from tradesmen, Why Commercial Roofs Fail in Florida, Preventive Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Roof Service Life, and Roofing Asset Management Technology. Download
Hurricane Season 2019 How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof

Hurricane Season 2019: How to Protect Your Commercial Roof Podcast

Hurricane Season 2019: How to Protect Your Commercial Roof? Here are a few important tips to protect your commercial flat roof system from damage this hurricane season in Florida: June 1 - November 30 Download Our PodcastDownload Our Checklist Podcast Description: Advanced Roofing Inc., is a commercial roofing contractor specializing in re-roofing and emergency repairs [...]
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How Much Does A Commercial Roof Cost

How Much Does A Commercial Roof Cost? Do you want to know how much a commercial roof costs? Learn everything you need to know about the commercial re-roofing process from inspection and roof types to costs and warranties. Download Our PodcastDownload Price Cheat Sheet Podcast Description Danny Stokes, CSI, CDT, RCI, CPRC, and former Vice [...]
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Understanding Commercial Roof Warranties

Understanding Commercial Roof Warranties Podcast Learn everything you need to know about a commercial roof warranty Download Podcast Description Michele Ammendola, ESQ, Senior Attorney, Construction Law at Becker & Poliakoff and Rob Korahrens, founder and president of Advanced Roofing Inc., Florida largest commercial roofing contractor, discuss the different types of commercial roof warranties, how to maintain [...]