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School Closures Coronavirus

School Closures Coronavirus As anticipated, we are now seeing school closures throughout the state of Florida in response to the coronavirus. As part of our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all our employees, in conjunction with the Company’s position to try to prevent outside visitors from entering our facilities and in alignment with […]

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update As we continue to monitor the emergence of the coronavirus, and acting in an abundance of caution, we wanted to update you on the policies and practices the Company is instituting to provide a safe environment for our employees. Employees who report to work sick with flu-like symptoms will be sent home and […]

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Toolbox Talk Coronavirus

Toolbox Talk Coronavirus Per our meeting this afternoon, please find attached the Toolbox Kit on the coronavirus in both English and Spanish. We are asking all management with Field employees to facilitate your Toolbox Talk by end of day Tuesday, March 17th and return your signed sheets to HR at If you have any […]