Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Department – Metal Fabrication

Advanced Roofing is committed to being an industry leader and innovator. That is why Advanced Roofing has secured the most advanced sheet metal production equipment in the world and maintains its own in-house sheet metal department. This allows Advanced to fabricate every panel, coping cap metal, counter flashing and any gutters the job requires.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities Include:

  • Metal Wall Panels
  • Chimney Caps
  • Roof Screening
  • Conductor Heads
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Parapet Caps
  • Fascia / Soffit
  • Scuppers

Advanced Equipment and Technology

With one of industry’s state of the art 20 foot long programmed break machines, Advanced Roofing can produce sheet metal at an extremely high rate, angle precision structural integrity and quality. Our break machine has the capability to produce over 65 precision bends without manually touching the piece of metal. This machine is also fully computerized to ensure accuracy of each piece of metal produced and can bend metal within a wide range of gauges from 26 gauge up to 14 gauge and has built in safety mechanisms to alert the operator in times of danger. Advanced Roofing is also ahead of the curve by being one of the few roofing contractors that own and uses a plasma cutter. This incredibly accurate instrument makes precise cuts, and allows specially fabricated pieces to get on your roof without delay.

Total control of the entire metal process means greater re-roofing options, more efficient use of materials and assured quality throughout your entire metal roofing project. Advanced Roofing’s sheet metal department can custom design and install more than 20 kinds of roof metal including custom architectural sheet metal and galvanized copper using the most sophisticated equipment and technology.