SkylightsDaylighting can replace electric light 70-80% of daylight hours — in many cases, for less than $0.015 per kWh over the life of the building.

It is considerably cooler than electric lighting at the same foot candle levels, so it also reduces the cost to air condition the building as well. This can mean tremendous energy savings in buildings that operate during the day, such as schools, offices, warehouses, factories, and retail stores.

Proper daylighting can:

  • Repay installation costs quickly, often in less than two years
  • Replace electric lighting during the day
  • Be installed in buildings to replace electric lighting for 1/20th of the cost of enough solar photovoltaic panels to generate an equivalent amount of electricity using the same sun at the same high energy demand times of the day.

Product technical specifications:


skylight1 skylight2

Solatube SolaMaster Series

Advanced Renewable Energies offers different products for the various client needs. We are now offering the Solatube SolaMaster series of products for larger spaces and a high-performance daylighting experience.