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Advanced Roofing Earns Low Slope Project of the Year Award



Low Slope Project of the Year Award

Advanced Roofing Inc. Wins First-Place Honors in the Low Slope Category at 2017 FRSA S.T.A.R. Awards

Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) is proud to announce that it was recognized with the first-place Low Slope Award at the 2017 Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) S.T.A.R. Awards program for its re-roofing solutions at the National Hurricane Weather Center NOAA in Miami, Florida. The Spotlight Trophy for the Advancement of Roofing S.T.A.R. is an awards program designed by the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) to recognize members’ unique and challenging roofing projects completed in the state of Florida. A panel of industry professionals evaluates the entries for inclusion and outstanding performance.


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Summer Letter from the CEO

rob kornahrens

rob kornahrens letter from ceo summer 2017

Letter from the CEO Summer 2017

CEO of Advanced Roofing Inc., Rob Kornahrens, shares his update on company performance, roofing trends, and his outlook for 2017.

Advanced Roofing Solar Carport

                        ARI Solar Carport

Coming out of very hectic 2016, we are busier than ever as a robust economy continues to shape the commercial re-roofing and solar energy markets. We had many new members join our team this year, and I’m excited to see them make their mark as we transition into the second half of the year. Looking forward, we are pushing our award-winning operations team to new levels through intense focus and training. Here’s an update on the latest happenings at Advanced:

We kicked off the first half of the year with many successes and milestones...

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Advanced Roofing Earns Triple Excellence Award from GAF

gaf logo

GAF Triple Excellence Award

Advanced Roofing Earns Triple Excellence Award from GAF in 2016, making it the only roofing contractor in Florida, and one of nine in the United States

Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) is proud to announce that in 2016 it received the prestigious Triple Excellence Award from GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. ARI was the only roofing contractor in Florida to receive the award in 2016, which is the second highest honor given out by this industry leader.

This recognition shows ARI’s continuous commitment to distinguishing itself as a top performer in consumer protection, installation, and training. According to GAF, those who win the award are considered to be “the best of the best in the roofing industry.” As one of nine contractors in the natio...

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How to Have Zero Roof Leaks This Hurricane Season

commercial roof hurricane preparation tips florida

2017 hurricane season preparation tips commercial roof florida

2017 Hurricane Season Preparedness Tips

View our tips on protecting your commercial roof from leaks and major storm damage during the 2017 Hurricane Season in Florida: June 1- November 30

 June 1 officially marked the start of Hurricane Season, which lasts through November 30. Last year was the most active season since 2012, with 15 named storms, and four major hurricanes including Hurricane Matthew that caused destruction along the northeast coast of Florida. With the 2017 Hurricane Season predictions being released recently by NOAA and Colorado State University, there’s no better time than now to revisit your preparation plans and inspect your building to make sure it is ready to withstand a major storm.

2017 Hurricane Season Predictions

For the 2017 Hurricane Season, the National Oc...

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Rhinobond Technology Helps Increase Production Speed at the Dan Pearl Library

 dan pearl library roof replacement broward county

Re-Roofing Sunrise Dan Pearl Public Library

RhinoBond heat induction welding technology helps Advanced Roofing to increase production speed while installing a new GAF TPO Roofing system at Broward County Dan Pearl Public Library in Sunrise, Florida.

Built in 1995, the Sunrise Dan Pearl Branch Library provides convenient access to a full range of innovative and cost-effective library services that meet the needs of the people of Broward County, Florida. Over the years, the 19,000 square-foot roof system started to leak in multiple areas of the roof, causing water to seep over the reception area every time it rained. At the end of its service life, temporary fixes were often needed to stop the ongoing leaks...

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Practice What You Preach

Advanced Roofing Solar Carport

New Solar Carport helps Florida’s largest commercial roofing contractor reduce energy consumption by 90% at Fort Lauderdale headquarters

Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) is proud to announce the completion of a 16-space, 84-kilowatts solar carport at its Fort Lauderdale headquarters. The custom solar carport is the third array on the ARI campus and can produce over 124,000-kilowatt hours of energy per year–the equivalent of powering 25 average U.S. homes. With this solution, Advanced Roofing is now powering up to 90% of its Fort Lauderdale operations through clean energy.

Showcasing two different panel technologies, the new carport at ARI features the SolarWorld Sunmodule BISUN 325W panels that are bi-facial and will provide light transmission through the carport...

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Tax Tips for 2017

Remember to always consult with a Certified Public Accountant regarding tax deductions for your property.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tax Deductions

Learn how commercial building owners can receive big tax breaks for roof maintenance & repairs

The IRS issued regulations in 2014 outlining detailed rules for how repairs and maintenance expenses are deducted. The tangible property regulations affect all taxpayers who improve, repair, or dispose of tangible property and provide a framework for distinguishing deductible costs from costs that must be capitalized. Now that we’re in the thick of tax season, there’s no better time to revisit these regulations to make sure property managers are saving, not losing, money on their roof maintenance this tax season.

When it comes to taxes, repairs are better than capital expenditures. The entire cost of a repair is deductible in a single year...

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Tesla Making Rooftop Solar Sleek in 2017!


Tesla Making Rooftop Solar Sleek in 2017!

Florida homeowners anxiously await the production of the sleek new Tesla solar roof shingles

2017 is looking to be an exciting year for the solar industry in Florida. Predictions show more growth and lower prices overall. Technology, designs, and applications are evolving, thru higher power density traditional solar modules, more efficient electrical designs, and most notably with the recent announcement of the Tesla solar roofing tile, an integrated solar glass shingle, that is helping to make solar mainstream in the residential market with a focus on aesthetics and energy production.

The new solar roof shingle will be available later this year and come in four designs, giving homeowners the option to “go solar” without having to install large pa...

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Fall Letter from the CEO Rob Kornahrens


Fall Letter from the CEO

A letter from Advanced Roofing’s founder and CEO, Robert “Rob” Kornahrens

As we near the end of Hurricane Season, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and begin looking forward to spending time with family and friends for the holidays. I am proud of my team’s hard work during 2016, making it another successful year. Thank you to everyone for all that you do.

It was a slow start to the year for our commercial Re-Roofing Division due to the torrential rains brought on by the Super El Nino. However, with the acquisition of RSS, production has increased with a full backlog to the end of the year. In the first quarter of 2017, we are starting several big roofing projects for the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and United Therapeutics...

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Stop Using Your Roof As A Work Platform


Who’s Working On Your Commercial Roof?

Learn how to STOP damages to your roof caused by other contractors

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building envelope, a fact made especially apparent during Florida’s rainy season. A leaky roof can cause much stress for a commercial property manager due to upset tenants, damaged equipment, and expensive repair bills. Your roof is a substantial investment that should be critically cared for all year round. But time and again we get called out to fix new roofs experiencing leaks only months after they were installed. Why does this happen? Did the roofer not install the system correctly? It’s very unlikely. The most common suspect is another contractor using the roof as a staging area to perform work other than roofing...

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