Roofing Testimonials

Commercial Roofing Testimonials

Advanced Roofing is proud to maintain a vast network of past clients who are available for references upon request.

Just a few roofing testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“During the recent Hurricane Irma storms, the roof caps on the stairwells at Island Crowne Condominium were destroyed. Your roofer/ sheetmetalist Anthony undertook the task of replacing them. The first caps that he brought did not fit. Knowing the rain was in the forecast and know how wet the stairwells would become; he spent the entire day and part of the evening hand fitting those two caps. His dedication to the job is to be commended as well as the fine quality of work.” “It was a pleasure having Anthony at Island Crowne. Due to his exceptional work ethic and the quality of his work, we will be pleased to recommend Advanced Roofing in the future to a prospective customer.” Jack Evans, Manager – Island Crowne Condominium
I’ve been working for the Miami-Dade County for over 30 years and I haven’t seen a project work so smoothly and without many issues, and I especially want to thank Ed Murton of Advance Roofing on his hard work and dedication by providing the highest quality of workmanship, by overseeing every detail and applying his knowledge, experience to bring this roof project on time and on budget, even with the bad weather we were experiencing on this job. The quality of performance by Advance Roofing, I consider it to be Top Notch! Mr. Murton’s crew were knowledgeable, skilled, and competent in their respective trades. They were conscientious about following project specifications, and their work product rarely needed improvement or revision. in closing, I’m very pleased with the final product which Mr. Murton was instrumental in delivering, and I’m extremely impressed with the work performed by Advance Roofing.” – Ozzie Astudillo, RPA, Building Manager – Miami-Dade County
“[Advanced] was selected after the failure of another subcontractor to perform. They stepped in with a reduced schedule and completed the project on time and well below our initial design budget through design assist and value engineering.”
“[Advanced] quickly recognized design assist services would be required for this Owner/Design Team and stepped in and provided multiple options which ultimately led to the most practical, economical solution for this client.”
“[Advanced] is considered one of our valued subcontractors and it is only through the highest standards of professionalism and integrity are they even considered for inclusion on our valued subcontractor’s list. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any owner or client.”
“This was an extremely fast track project and [Advanced] was able to quickly navigate through the very complex permitting process after successfully providing design assist services for the Engineering Design Team, and then quickly secure all building materials from reliable sources in a timely manner for on-time installation and completion.”
“The quality control procedures in place with [Advanced] are very professional and as a matter of fact representatives from the Authority Having Jurisdiction commented favorably on this matter for them, giving them a level of comfort we, frankly, did not see with any other subcontractor.”
“The added value to this project was the ability of [Advanced] to perform the design-assist when it became apparent that the design team for the Owner, our Client, did not possess the skills required to properly provide a workable solution for the Client.”
“We consider Advanced Roofing, Inc. to be a valuable member of our subcontractor team and absolutely intend to award them the majority of upcoming work on this type project.”
“…this level of commitment and team spirit is what makes [Advanced] one of our most valued subcontractors.”

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